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23rd Century Rev 1

The tricorder has been the foundation of away teams, repair crews, medical bays, and cargo runners since its advent in the early days of the 23rd century. Rather than just being a scanner the device also contains communication, data processing, analysis, and library computer access. So named a tricorder because of its additional primary three modes of processing; Geological, Meteorological, and Biological. The devices are not limited to just those three functions though and the devices are the standard in scanning, processing, and analyzing.

In the early 23rd century Starfleet ships used a large tricorder on a shoulder strap. This tricorder was the simplest model but still very powerful and provided library computer access, local computer access with limited processing capabilities, and remote sensing. This model also had a sub-model designed for medical usage.

23rd Century Improvements

23rd Century Rev 2

Later other models were released to further miniaturize the technology, though the above model was still the standard reference model.

24th Century Models

By the 24th century many new features had been added to the tricorder design. They now had full library computer access via subspace linkage to a ship or starbase. They also could interlink together easily to share information and combine processing power. Specialized designs also were developed for Engineering, Surveying, Medical, etc.. By this time the tricoder was used any time someone needed to scan something and figure out what it was.

Other Versions