USS Cosmic Harmony (NCC-593)

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Cosmic Harmony
USS Cosmic Harmony (NCC-593)
Class: Saladin Class Starship
Affiliation: Independent
Commanding Officer: Captain Monroe Donovan
Executive Officer: Commander Emily Newton
Operations Officer: AI Omni Codex
Quote: "It's a lot easier to be lost than found. It's the reason we're always searching and rarely discovered — so many locks not enough keys." - Sarah Dessen
Status: Missing

The Cosmic Harmony was commissioned in 2262 and served many roles in Starfleet before it was decommissioned in 2282. Later it was sold into private hands in 2297 and served a the 7 Years Enterprises organization until it's disappearance in 2309. Believed to be lost with all hands, though the vessel itself was never found. No official investigation was ever launched after the ship was declared lost. No record of a search by the ships owner, 7 Years Enterprises, is on file. The company did financially settle with families of the crew though the exact legal records are sealed.

Federation Service History

Year Event
2262 Commissioned at Utopia Planitia Shipyards, Sol System
2262 to 2265 Assigned as an advanced recon scout patrolling the Romulan Neutral Zone
2265 Extended refit to upgrade matter / antimatter reactor and deflector shields
2265 to 2271 Assigned as a battle group escort ship along the Klingon / Federation border
2271 Extended refit to upgrade central computer core, transporter systems, and subspace transceiver array
2271 to 2273 Assigned as a courier vessel for core Federation worlds, specifically with diplomatic passengers, cargo, and messages
2273 to 2277 Assigned as a training vessel for special forces deployment training Sol system
2277 to 2278 Assigned as a wargames target vessel simulating attack and counter attack strategies
2278 to 2281 Assigned as a medical supply transport for core Federation worlds
2281 Retired from active service
2282 Stripped of all sensitive materials
2297 Sold to private ownership without central computer, warp core, or weapons systems

Private Service History

Year Event
2297 Purchased by the 7 Years Enterprises organization
Converted to light passenger / cargo transport
2297 to 2305 Served as a light cargo / passenger transport
2305 to 2306 Served as a secure transport vessel
2306 to 2309 Served as a survey vessel
2309 Presumed lost with all hands