USS Protector (NCC-1783)

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USS Protector (NCC-1783)
Class: Constitution Class Refit
Affiliation: Solas Tempus, Missing or Destroyed
Commanding Officer: Lieutenant commander Megan Shepard
Executive Officer: Lieutenant Andrei Alenko
Operations Officer: Lieutenant Jennell Holtz
Science Officer: Lieutenant Junior Grade Klavdiya Borislava
Security Chief: Lieutenant Monika Szypuła
Chief Engineer: Lieutenant Junior Grade Gisselle Preeti
Chief Medical Officer: Lieutenant Ling Yu
Quote: "The opportunity to secure ourselves against defeat lies in our own hands, but the opportunity of defeating the enemy is provided by the enemy himself." - Sun Tzu, Art of War
XIA Unit assigned to the Protector

USS Protector is a Constitution class refit vessel build at San Francisco Fleet Yards.

Early Service

Protector was build in Federation drydock and sent to Deep Space 7 station. It served there as neutral ground in case of need for diplomatic meetings and as help to defend said station. Ship didn't saw much combat during deployment and soon later was reccaled to provide relief support to planet touched by climate catastrophe. After arriving there ship was attacked bly pirates which attempted to board ship when it lowered shields to transport supplises. Crew managed to held off pirates and regain control over decks they lost before. During engagement many Starfleet officers were injured.

The Incident

After Pirate attack protector spent two weeks in drydock getting general maitenance and it crew was refilled, afterwards Protetor was directed to remote star system to invegestate distress signal from ship that went missing few months ago. Upon arrival captain ordered to bring ship into nebula that supposedly was covering missing Starship. As ship moved into nebula technical difficulties started happening, such as replicators spewing random items, Medical equipment showing invalid detail and Tricoders turning off and on. Despite that captain continued stright on, and issues dissapeared and were blamed on weird spikes of energy. When ship arived at pressumed location of "USS Oak Tree" they found nothing apart from cracked open escape pod with no bodies on board. This is moment when main drive died. Engineers found issue in drive to be caused by unknown substance that upon research in lab showed tendency to absorb energy. After substance was removed engines turned back on, and Helm, moved ship out of nebula and to closest starbase. Upon arrival it was found that some people from crew went missing in action but transporter logs didn't show any usage, and sensors didn't detect anything as well during time in nebula.

After Incident

After incident some people requested to change ship assigment and left to ships that had less... intresting history of dissaperance and attacks upon, meanwhile Protector was send to some more relif duty missions and afterwards placed in orbit of planet that was going to be raided by Pirates according to Starfleet inteligence, Attack didn't occur and after spending few days more there Protector left system

Solas Tempus Service

After serving few more years in Starfleet ship was sold to Solas Tempus, where it went under refit according to Solas Tempus Refit Guidelines and was assigned under Lieutenant Commander Megan Shepard command. Ship after numerous checks at shipyard would be directed to Schatten Star System to support Solas Tempus defence over there after recent attacks and dissaperance of key personnel.