Umbral Shipyards

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The Umbral Shipyards are managed from a Class K Space Station in orbit called Umbral Station, operated by the Engineering Arm of Solas Tempus, located in orbit around Schatten 4. It is used to store and produce parts for the production of ships and other vessels. Extended repairs will also happen here rather than at space dock. The area houses several full drydocks for capital ships as well as smaller drydocks for frigates and smaller starships. In addition, several repair bases have been built, similar to Platform Stations for shuttle craft and fighters that require construction and maintenance.

Production Capacity

The facility is capable, when fully used, it can be constructing 6 starships at the same time, 2 capital ships and 4 frigate size vessels. The platform stations can produce approximately 22 fighters simultaneously.

Production Time

A new vessel can be constructed rather quickly if it is focused on. If all resources are put to the task of a single capital ship, and the resources are present, a capital ship can be completed in just 6 months from start to finish, while a frigate size vessel under the same condition can be completed in 6 weeks. Similarly, if resources are focused on fighters, shuttles, or smaller craft in the same way, 22 fighters per day can be produced at full capacity.

Normally production is split between several different projects, repairs, and such. During normal operations a capital ship takes 18 months to complete while a frigate take 7. The platform stations can produce about 2-3 fighters a day (technically 2.5 fighters per day).