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Gender: Female
Place of Birth: Vulcan
Organization: Solas Tempus
Occupation: Cybernetics Research Specialist
Rank / Skill Level: Commander
Status: NPC
Setting: Blazing Umbra

Trained at the Vulcan Science Academy originally obtaining a medical doctorate with an emphasis on biomechanics and comparative biology, Unnur spent a number of years working as a doctor in a research hospital on Hakton VII in 2350. While working on Hakton VII her focus was on biological side of cybernetics, creating biological-technology interfaces. When the first Federation-Cardassian War broke out in 2355 she no longer felt that it was the best location for research and then again attended the Vulcan Science Academy studying the field of cybernetics eventually earning a doctorate in the field along with a doctorate in computer science with an emphasis on neural-net programming architecture.

In 2370 she was allowed to study one of the first sentient computer systems that had become self aware; being HAL 9000 where she was part of a special projects envoy from the Vulcan Science Academy to provide Solas Tempus with an overview of HAL, focusing on safety of its operation and its potential. After the report was filed, several of the scientists were offered position with Solas Tempus. One of these scientists was Unnur who was originally invited to study the development of artificial intelligence on the level of HAL, specifically if a method could be devised to do so safely as there was much concern over the safety of AI.

Unnur worked on this project for a few years before she petitioned to bring her extensive background to the organization continuing work within her original focus -- developing a system which could interface between a biological entity and technological systems without invasive medical procedures. As such she has been one of the key researchers involved in the development of the Class 1K Advanced Cybernetic Exoskeleton and Class 1M Combat Armor. She has also given extensive assistance to the projects involving the creation of the XIA's and the QUINN AI-based Type II Combat Systems Computer prototype which later became known as Sylvie.