Vance Reid

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Vance Reid
Played by: User:JumpingScript
Height: 1.75
Weight: 70
Gender: Male
Race: Human
Age: 25
Place of Birth: Los Angeles
Eye Color: Brown
Hair Color: Black
Figure: Skinny, thin, but muscular.
Universe of Origin: Angelic Sins
Organization: None
Occupation: Barkeeper of The Saevae
Approved By: User:Cyclops
Status: Approved
Setting: Angelic Sins

Vance is the Owner and Barkeeper of Chicago's Saevae.


He's an arsehole. If you don't know him.

To strangers, Vance is cold-hearted and not really friendly at all. He speaks not that much, hinting that he's an introvert, and mainly sticks to listening and observing. The black-haired man is quiet, almost reserved, with the ability to make a pokerface without equal. He has a very good memory, that's why he keeps all the stuff he hears about in his job as a barkeeper in his mind.
Though, there's an exception:
For guests in his bar, The Saevae, He's a polite host. Just don't attack anyone. Vance strongly hates violence in his bar.
However, if you get to know him, he shows his true self: A light-hearted, calm, but easy-going dude who prefers dark jokes (some of them could actually pick cotton if they came to humanoid existence), who always up for a good laugh and a drinking competition.
He's quite reckless.

Special Skills

  • MMA fighting at professional level (1st master grade in several combat sports)
  • Handling of handguns.
  • Barkeeping
  • Hacking and Programming
  • Understandment of technology in computer systems

Special Abilities

His mind proves to be almost completely resistant against psionic actions of any regard. A very skilled psionic is needed to slip in his mind.


Birth and early Life

Vance was born into a wealthy family. His father is famous professor at an university, and his mother leads a research facility currently searching for a cure for cancer. As a kid, he already showed his special ability, "chemical magic", on various, non-dangerous occasions. Lucky for him, his parents did not gave up on him and convinced him to hide his powers as much as possible. Anyway, they did not understand what's going on.

Later life, school and university

Like this, he grew up and continously hides his power. Life went on. Vance went through the different schools with little surprises, as he hides his ability within him very well. Soon, he got accepted at an university and studied chemistry, because he got inspired by his parents. Also, the scholarship got supported by his magic.


How he got into barkeeping and how he received ownership of the Saevae will be left open until the narrator's mind comes up with a suitable and reasonable story.


Modified smartwatch

Vance reid smartwatch.jpg

The smartwatch itself is a model of a famous brand. Though, Vance made a few adjustments to it: Aside a stronger CPU, a bigger SSD, several ports for display transmission ( ((Micro)) HDMI) and data transmission (USB) and a headphone jack, Vance installed a self-developed IDE for voice and/or gesture powered programming. Additionally, the smartwatch is capable of answering calls, using a microphone implemented into its band and low-quality speakers. Usually, the SSD stores apart from aforementioned tools several types of malware and documents.