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The Venture Class is similar to a Danube Class Runabout vessel in service in the last 24th century. It is a long range mission scout ship. It can be used either in association with a mother ship, space station, or serve independent of either. Classified by size as a Runabout it has more advanced sensors and engines than the Danube Class and is deigned primarily for scientific purposes - though as with any ship it is possible to reconfigure the science labs for other purposes. In addition to a transporter system, the ship also has a docking hatch on the underside of the craft as well as atmospheric landing capabilities.

24m long x 16m wide
Minimum Crew 
1 person (pilot)
Standard Crew 
3 people
Maximum Crew 
6 people
Cruising Speed 
Warp 5
Maximum Speed 
Warp 7
Power Source 
Fusion Reactor & Matter/Antimatter Reactor
Impulse Engines & Warp Drive

Offensive Systems

  • 4 Phaser Emitters, 2 fore, 2 aft
  • 3 Micro Torpedo Launchers, 2 fore, 1 aft

Defensive Systems

  • Deflector Shields