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Formed by Solas Tempus to operate somewhat outside the bounds of the normal operations. Formed in 2373 the organization has its roots in research and development. Formed after a series of incidents within Federation space involving an anomaly of unknown type. In 2370 a series of events occurred in the vicinity of a small output on the outskirts of Federation space. The incidents culminated in the violent killing and dismembering of every member of the research team assigned to the outpost by what was, at first, thought to be an unknown assailant.


The United Federation of Planets enlisted the help of the Solas Tempus research arm following the detection of subspace anomalies which they could not identify at the site. The formation of these anomalies seemed to coincide with the start of psychological problems indicated in the personal logs of the research team. Solas Tempus, also, could not determine the origin or nature of the anomalous readings and further study of the personal logs and physical evidence suggested that an unidentified force somehow caused the death of the research team. During research Solas Tempus and Starfleet Intelligence discovered that a startling number of similarly unidentified anomalous incidents had appeared in recent years but largely gone either unnoticed or unresolved due to their exotic and potentially dangerous nature. The exact nature of the anomalies was never discovered, but further research ended in the outpost being not only sealed but filled with a pervasive neurotoxic atmosphere.

These events are better described under the incident report.

Official Orders

That same year Solas Tempus began work on assembling a team for dealing with anomalies. Originally a project under Gold Team (the research arm of Solas Tempus). In the year 2373 the organization was granted special powers under General Order from Fleet Admiral Poole. The newly formed Animus Tempus (later renamed Vident Obscura) would operate adjacent to but outside of the general operation of Solas Tempus, independent and in secret with the express purpose of locating and identifying anomalies that cannot be explained through rational means. These anomalies are to be contained and / or destroyed (if necessary).

Obscura Accords

A treaty was signed by the UFP in 2375 called the Obscura Accords. Also signed by the Romulan Star Empire in 2377 and the Klingon Empire in 2381.