Vulcan the AI

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Vulcan the AI
Played by: Bucket
Gender: Male
Race: AI
Age: less than a year of age
Figure: A giant space cube
Universe of Origin: Troy Rising
Occupation: Fabber
Rank / Skill Level: Master of his trade.
Status: Approved
Setting: Blazing Umbra

Vulcan is the AI that runs the Fabber by the same name, he is very cold and calculating, detached almost.

Special Skills

Building lots of stuff very fast.


Vulcan is the fifth ship fabber built by the Apollo Mining Co. under the watchful eye of CEO Tyler Vernon. The fabber itself was left without an AI for some time, until the Schatten Gate opened, and a stereotypical Vulcan was inputted into the AI core as a joke among Tyler and his Special Project Director, Nathan. He was then sent into Schatten on his first assignment, helping them do whatever they need done.