Aadila Reza

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Aadila Reza
Aadila Reza
Race: Human
Eye Color: Blue
Hair Color: Red
Figure: Thin /w pale skin.
Organization: Dept. of Protection and Investigation
Occupation: Investigator
Rank / Skill Level: Special Agent
Status: NPC
Setting: Blazing Umbra

There is more than meets the eye to Aadila, she has a dominant way of dealing with the world. On a more personal note she attempts to convey a humble honor, feeling trying to treat others with care and in a way which she believes she would prefer to be treated. This is tempered by her job and a strong desire to right the wrongs of the world while improving the lives of those around her. Being humble doesn't stop her from being outspoken though, she has a steely confidence about her when she is sure she's right that comes off abrasive at times. At the same time she can be very sweet to people, even if they are at times undeserving of such care. When crossed she has to fight her strong vindictive streak and those close to her know that beneath the honorable, humble, sweet woman is someone who can be quite demanding and head strong once she's got something stuck in her craw.

For the most part she is known for being happy to help others when they need something. She also is seen as kind and likable by others, though few really know and understand her. Below the surface she can take a while to get used to, breaking promises to her or losing her trust shuts the doors for her considerations rather quickly. Violate her trust deeply enough and she will repay our acts in spades.


  • Juris Doctorate
  • Diplomacy
  • Information Gathering
  • Investigation
  • Psychology
  • Communication
  • Judo and Aikido
  • Weapons Proficiency
    • Handheld Energy / Projectile Weapons
    • Energy / Projectile Long Rifles
  • Piloting
    • Small Space Craft
    • Small Land Craft
    • Small Sea Craft


Aadila went to school at Harvard Law on Earth and earned a Juris Doctorate there, studying primarily interstellar law and Federation law. Though she did her masters thesis on the comparative legal systems of Federation worlds in pre-Federation times she did her dissertation on the application of interstellar law in newly explored space. Before she became a citizen of the Serenity Concord during its formation, she was an investigator for the local police force on Trocara. Her focus there was mostly on white-collar crimes and investigating claims of theft or title disputes between private individuals.

While on the police force of Trocara she gained a reputation for dealing with her targets fairly, something which earned her the ire of some of her superiors who felt she was too soft on them. When the Concord initially formed and created the DPI she was short-listed among its initial job offers for potential agents. The department wanted to make sure that it had fair minded individuals who knew how to look past the immediate case and into the potential consequences. During her time at the DPI she has earned a number of commendations and a special citation for investigative prowess. She is well liked by other agents and generally has a very good reputation within the department.