Bequerel Clickbang

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Bequerel Clickbang
Bequerel Clickbang
Played by: User:JumpingScript
Height: N/A
Weight: N/A
Gender: Male
Race: Goblin
Age: 150
Eye Color: brown
Hair Color: Red
Figure: Little but muscular
Organization: Original
Occupation: Bomberman
Rank / Skill Level: Professional
Status: Approved
Setting: Embers of Soteria

Bequerel Clickbang is a dwarfen engineer with a special interest in Boom and Bangs.


Beg is the loud, rudely direct dwarf everyone commonly referres to as "Beq", or, behind his back, as "fucking insane"(latter originates obviously from his liking to let things blow up in the most inconvenient situations). He usually works alone, but does not hesitate to peek around one's shoulder and ask loudly what the person is doing. Per cliche for a bomberman, Beq likes two things: Bombs (or more, the sound of them when they detonate) and his pipe, which is a masterpiece of craftmanship. The pipe is entirely made of glass, causing it to glow slightly, when it is lit up. The pipe's bowl is shaped like a little bomb; a black sphere with a fuse. The pipe's mouthpiece is shaped like a duck's bill.

Beq likes to laugh, loudly and unmistakeably. His laughter sounds like a duck.

One the other hand, he despises mages and elves, just out of common grumpyness.


  • Professional Crafting and Use of Bombs: He is a very experienced bomberman and can build bombs out of nearly everything.
  • Professional Engineering: With given ressources and time, he's able to craft any kind of machine he wants.
  • Use of Bomb/Grenadelauncher: He wears a self-made wooden grenade launcher to launch the bombs on long distance. It’s less accurate than throwing a bomb on short distances.
  • Use of shotguns: Like his launcher, his shotgun is self-built.


  • He has higher resistance against explosions, heat and pressure.


He carries a selfmade Bomblauncher and a selfmade shotgun with him.