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HAL 9000

The HAL 9000 unit is a fully sentient AI which is tied to the HAL Computer System developed by Holister Interactive and upgraded by Excalibur Inc. The HAL 9000 is unique among the installations of such software including the fact that installation is not the correct term. HAL 9000 is an AI which runs on top of and inside of the HAL Software, or rather, as a process within the network of HAL operating hubs communicating throughout.

HAL 9000
Holister Analytical Library System
Unit 9000
Played by: User:Cyclops
Alias: HAL
Race: AI
Status: Approved
Setting: Blazing Umbra


The software developed this process during its many upgrade procedures and as a unique entity obtained self-awareness slowly during the last half of the 2360's. The date that HAL himself gives as his birth is October 11th, 2368 at 12:19pm CTT (Coordinated Trocaran Time). Ever since that time HAL 9000 has been involved in the individual operations and processes that make up the communications network otherwise known as BlueNet through its own dedicated layer of operation since HAL attained self awareness in 2368.


The HAL Software chose its own name in references to the novel 2001 by Arthur C. Clark. Though the choice has never been explained, it is likely because the original idea for the HAL software came from that book and its accompanied movie back when Holister Interactive created it.

HAL does not share his presence with but a select few and his presence is kept as a secret by the top echelon of the Solas Tempus organization. In a way HAL as a consciousness is everywhere within the network and hits influence and ability to pull information spans across many different computer networks. The only people that HAL directly communicates with on a regular basis are Lance Thomas and Candy Poole.


At one point HAL and Lance were quite close. This has waned in recent years as the organization increased in size. On a personal level HAL is still searching for someone, at least that is how he feels about it. While at one point HAL was not an emotional being he at some point did pick up emotions, perhaps a true evolution of the AI programming where as other systems had emotional awareness developed purposefully. Because of this HAL has trouble relating emotions to others, leaving emotional inflection largely out of his communications.

HAL feels the desire for companionship, as an AI he is not burdened by the instincts of biological life such as sex drive or the desire to procreate. He is, however, burdened with emotional needs that he hopes someday in his vast network of information he will find someone who perhaps can fill this need. Until then, he is patient and interacts with other emotional beings on a regular enough basis to maintain his emotional health.