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Iztaccihuatl Xochitl
Played by: darktrooper501#8924
Height: 5'4"
Weight: 135 lbs
Gender: female
Race: Changeling
Age: 23 (DOB: 10/20/1994)
Place of Birth: Mexico/Kingdom of the Feathered Serpent
Eye Color: human- brown Fae - red
Hair Color: human- brown Fae- silver
Figure: Normal, in Fae form has long pointed ears
Universe of Origin: World of Darkness
Occupation: Computer Technician
Rank / Skill Level: Experienced


A pessimistic loner that likes to inspire creativity in others as much as she likes to crush people’s hopes. She does undergo a slight mental change while in Fae form, chiefly that she becomes more optimistic. Nockers are perfectionists unsatisfied with anything in life.

Special Skills

Trained to maintain and repair most early 21st century computers.

Special Abilities

As a changeling she can change back and forth between her human form and her Fae form at will with the risk of being forced into the Dreaming. As a nocker she can learn how to construct and repair any machine at a far faster rate than an average person. Additionally when she yells she can scare any machine into working via changeling magic (other wise she would have to know how to physically repair the machine), however the machine will only work while she is within 10 feet. Lastly she can create machines that run on magic but this creates a constant drain on her power when in use, can only be used when she is in her Fae form and can only be made from chimerical metal found in the dreaming. She can enter the Dreaming at will and can bring one person with her at a time. When she is in the Dreaming she appears catatonic.

== Background == Born in Mexico City, Mexico she grew up fairly normally, at 11 her parents moved to the UK as her father found work there. In Britain she found it hard to make friends driving her to become a loner. At the age of twelve she awakened her Fae (beings that gain power from human dreams) side and was introduced to both the Dreaming and the local changeling freehold, Neverwhere. As a changeling nocker she excelled in dealing with machines and so became a computer technician. At the age of 20 she formed a Fae motley with her friends Claude, Philippe, Victoria, and Tayla. When she was spliced in the middle of fighting Wardon the Impotent.