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This is an open archive of all information pertaining to the Molten Aether family of role play settings, there are 3 distinct settings all existing in the same universe but at different times and places, each with its own feel. Before we get into that, just a few bits of information. The most important point is that this is an FFRP or Free Form Role Play, which means we do not use dice. Secondly, we have Site Rules which serve as guidelines for player behavior. In addition, we have a Role Playing Guide for new players and anyone else wishing to see the style of role playing we do here and a page on Terminology if there is something that is unfamiliar to anyone.

Point of View

Most pages on the site are written with an in-universe style. When pages / sections are written otherwise it will be specifically noted. The site is also written as if some part of Solas Tempus (the primary organization in the Blazing Umbra Setting). Within the game it is generally accepted that being form the distant future, Solas Tempus has record of the goings on from the other two settings, even if the characters of Blazing Umbra are not directly aware of it. Similar to how America can dig up incredible amounts of historical information from recorded history with enough research but most people are not aware of what that research would say.


The flow of time goes in a 1:1 ratio. That is, for every 1 day the passes in the real world, a day passes in-game as well unless otherwise noted in an announcement. Time itself follows UTC (Universal Time Coordinated), this is GMT+0 without daylight savings time. The current time for UTC can be found here. For more information, see Considerations of Time.

All three of the following settings are set in the same continuity, some special characters have been also allowed to transit between settings with express approval of staff.

Angelic Sins

Derived from the idea of a modern world with supernatural creatures this setting set set on Earth of today but where Vampires, Ghosts, and other things that go bump in the night are real. More information can be found here.

Blazing Umbra

The setting is a modified Star Trek universe based on an organization called (as one might guess) Solas Tempus that has the task of protecting the timeline from alterations. The organization is not affiliated directly with the United Federation of Planets or Starfleet but does have a number of treaties with the governments of most known worlds, even some of those that are rather unfriendly toward the Federation as a whole. Here is more information on the setting.

Embers of Soteria

This is a fantasy setting taking place approximately 1 Billion years prior to the events in Blazing Umbra on the planet Elder Soteria. This links directly into the pre-history of the star system in which Blazing Umbra takes place. This is a world of magic, dragons, knights, elves, and anything else. Here is more information about this setting.

Where to Play

While we usually play on one of our Discord servers (listed below) we also have an extensive Web Forum which caters to any of our settings. Our live chat server is linked here.


Anyone is welcome to join, joining the chat games requires character approval so I suggest that after taking a look at the setting itself if you're still interested in joining, you start there. If you're looking to join the forum, then I direct you to start there and seek a game thread, as the forum has many games going on at the same time each thread has control over what characters may enter their threads.

IC / OOC Chat

There are two kinds of rooms, IC (in character) and OOC (out of character). While in an IC channel everything operates from in-character preceptive. Players should be careful not to god-mod and out of character chatter should be kept to a minimum and surrounded by double-brackets or double-parithesis - [[]] (()).

When writing in character we prefer the use of the 3rd person narrative. This gives the most flexibility and often we write in a paragraph form. These are not required, just preferred. It can be useful to use italics or other rich formatting, Discord uses Markdown Language which can enhance the readability of posts. The most common way is for actions to appear in italics. Overall so long as everyone can tell what a character is saying and doing, it's all good.

Some may find it nice to play multiple character. When doing so players should make a point to be clear about who is doing what. Play can get muddled pretty quickly. Using character names within a text block may sound redundant but it can make sure that other players don't lose the thread of what's going on.

All that being said, we are not sticklers for grammar or form. The focus is on having a good time and this is not a workshop on english grammar.


We have a good number of bots for people to use. Most bots have their own help information. Help for each bot can be found using the following commands:

  • For Tatsumaki use t!help
  • For Dyno use ?help

We've currently peared things down to just 2 boths. Tatsumaki is used for keeping track of activity and a few other features. Dyno is mainly for moderation and some admin functions. Anyone is free to use any function of any bot on the server.


It should go without saying but there are a lot of elements here I do not own, but I do use. My use of them is meant as a tribute to their creators. In particular Star Trek, Star Wars, Firefly, Battlestar Galactica, and Babylon 5. In my writing I have mixed elements from these and other sources onto a canvas originally painted in terms of Star Trek. There is some original work here, however, so for the things I have created with my mishmash of science fiction and such, I do request that if you're going to use or reference it at least let me know and give me credit.


When writing things based on someone else's work, keep in mind that you're not the creator of it. Attribution is important! Please do not add work that you know for a fact is protected under copyright by another party without permission. Even when you're free to use it, give attribution to where you got the content from. People work hard on their content and deserve to be noted for it.

Violations of Copyright

Most of us know what is and is not under copyright, but if you don't... Ask someone. You can contact the site admin by contacting Cyclops via email at

If you are visiting this page because someone has infringed on your copyright... We apologize, please use the above links and inform us of the problem and we will rectify the situation.

Using our Content

We have put a lot of work into the content here that is ours. All of our players have contributed characters, changes to the setting, ships, space stations, and the like. Even though many of the ships and stations use conventions found in other franchises, and we appreciate those creators for making them, we would prefer if someone else were to use our content - they give us attribution for it.

It is enough to drop a link to our source Wiki in with attributed work. On our Talk Pages for a given entry, we will often include what our source material is as well.