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Nul'Aiana Pixelart.png
Nul'Aiana Greenfinger
Played by: User:Ryu Ketsueki
Alias: Aiana
Height: 5'7" (170 cm)
Weight: 150 lbs (68 kg)
Gender: FloranFemaleSymbol.png Female(?)
Race: Floran
Alignment: Chaotic Good
Age: 66 Summers
Place of Birth: Saiph Grasp One (Class M)
Eye Color: Log brown
Hair Color: Purple leaves with red petals
Figure: Very plant like
Universe of Origin: Starbound / Wargroove
Organization: Solas Tempus
Occupation: Temporal Operative
Chief Engineer of Nimbus Station
Rank / Skill Level: Commander
Status: Abandoned
Setting: Blazing Umbra

One of the most curious officers to be ever commissioned by Solas Tempus academy. Nul’Aiana, is the first Greenfinger to enlist to Solas Tempus, if not the only one, to this day. Starting on Green Team, the engineering arm of Solas Tempus, she later gained respect and awe for her performance and creativity, as well as her kind and gentle attitude towards other, although it may come out as creepy whenever she smiles for others. Very feisty but still humble and friendly, although her wording may sometimes imply something totally different from what she intended to say. Her past as Greenfinger is what allows her to be so skilled with machinery, even if it is beyond her current knowledge. Because of this, she’s got a strong sense of curiosity.

Nul’Aiana is a floran of light brown skin and dark brown eyes. The foliage coming from her head is purple and there is a flower on the right side of her head, with red petals and yellow core. Over the years, after becoming a Greenfinger, two thorn-like spikes sprouted from the top of her head, pointing 50 degrees upwards and backwards. In 2386, they are 15 centimeters long, or six inches. The sap glands are fairly sized, comparable to 34C size for a female human, and they are covered by a large leaf. The joints are not covered in the brown skin but still have a dark brown coloration of its own. Forearms and shins have foliage around them, also purple. The overall physiology allows Aiana to wear the same clothes as any human. Her foliage is also fluorescent under UV light.

Special Abilities

Nul’Aiana is capable of manipulating plant life, such as their growth, their shape, form and role, to the task she wants. This is often used to modify technology pieces and reverse engineer them, or make them more easy to handle for other florans. It is also used to reduce the amount of fireplaces by making plants that emit light, given how florans hate fire;
Venom spitting
A defense mechanism. Aiana can spit the corrosive fluid from her digestive organ to intoxicate the target;

Special Skills

High adaptability
Useful when finding solutions to problems, she can quickly adapt to a situation and continue her reasoning, not hesitating when there is a sudden change of events, assimilating the changes rather quickly after a good amount of observation;
Aiana is one of the most intelligent florans in existance, with a very high problem solving capability and free will to take thought out choices, going against the stereotype of florans being mindless savages;
Because of this ease to manipulate technology with her Greenfinger powers, Aiana acquired interest in the area, as well as the science behind everything.
Combat and survivability
Ever since a sprout, Aiana has been training to become the best hunter of her tribe. Because of that, she's become proficient in hand to hand combat, bow and arrow, spear throwing and other primitive forms of combat. She can also use particle weapons like phasers and phase rifles, something she learned after joining Solas Tempus academy.

Special Equipment

Matter Manipulator
Sacred Bone
Matter Manipulator
A device capable of deconstructing matter by using the same principle of tractor beams. The power of the Matter Manipulator may vary depending on the power source it is using. If the portable power source that comes built-in the manipulator, it is able of deconstructing stone and iron at a relative speed. Stronger alloys and more hard and dense materials take longer. Stronger power sources, such as tethering the manipulator to a fusion or antimatter reactor, allow the matter manipulator to deconstruct anything in a matter of milliseconds, essentially drilling a way through where the beam hits. This beam is also configurable, able to take any shape and size desirable, for both precision and bulk deconstruction, although it is limited to a max of three cubic meters in bulk and a minimum of one cubic milimeter;
The Sacred Bone
It is a circular bone that granted Aiana, her Greenfinger powers. It is currently tied on strings and around her neck like a pendant jewel.


A sprout called Aiana

Born on the first planet of the Saiph Grasp star system, Nul’Aiana was one of the florans who closely observed the Greenfinger of her village. She learned to respect every life form, including the “fleshy beings” that she would eventually meet at some point in her life. Ever since a sprout, she trained and hunted to be one of the best hunters in the tribe, aiming to go to the Hunting Grounds someday as one of the contestants and earn the prize, the Sacred Bone. The Greenfinger noticed her dedication and started to train her in what she needed to know, as well as the best techniques.

Fire on the village

After Aiana completed sixteen summers of age, she saw something on the sky. It looked like a star, getting constantly bigger and bigger. She would constantly stare at it, at how pretty it was. But at some point, she noticed it wasn’t a star but actually a gigantic ball of fire. What is there to fear more, for a floran, than fire? You can’t stab it, you can’t kill it. You need to avoid it. And the sight of a gigantic ball of fire, heading for her village, was terrifying for her.

The other florans couldn’t do anything, much less Aiana. Fortunately, her tribe managed to run away from the crash zone. For their misfortune, the impact had set the village on fire. Their huts made out of straw and thatch would easily catch fire and spread it, burning everything. Those florans would need to rebuild elsewhere after that tragery. But thankfully, no one seem to be hurt. That was, until, everyone noticed that the Greenfinger was nowhere to be found. Aiana runs back to the village, to try find the only parental figure that she, and the rest of the tribe, has ever known.

After a few minutes, Aiana finds the Greenfinger near the debris of the ball of fire, cut in half and losing sap very fast. There was no way of saving her beloved Greenfinger from death but she still came close, only to get desperate at the cruel sight. But the Greenfinger still tried to calm Aiana down, saying that now the tribe would need a new leader, a new Greenfinger. He explains for Aiana that the ball of fire that just fell, wasn’t a random object that fell from space. It was a space vessel, capable of taking anyone, anywhere in space. And not just any space vessel either. He pointed at the symbols at the side, saying that this ship belonged to a member of the Terrene Protectorate, an interstellar organization that sought to unite the seven main species of the galaxy. Humans, Florans, Hylotls, Avians, Apexes, Glitches and Novakids, and keep the peace between them.

He also explained that each member of the Protectorate, had a tool called Matter Manipulator. He asked her to go locate it, which she did and brought it to the Greenfinger. He continued, saying that time is short and Aiana would need to figure everything out on her own but that she is intelligent enough for that. And to guarantee the order of the tribe, the Greenfinger takes a circular bone from his headdress and gives to Aiana, saying that this bone is the Sacred Bone she dreamt of acquiring as reward, and that the one in the Hunting Grounds was only a replica. With this bone, Aiana would be granted the powers of a Greenfinger, and use them to guide the tribe from now on. With those last words, the Greenfinger died.

A New Greenfinger

Per request of her former Greenfinger, Aiana takes the Sacred Bone with her and goes to be with the rest of her tribe again. She tells them what just happened and how the Greenfinger trusted her to become the new leader of the tribe. She also raises the Sacred Bone above her head, trying to inspire her kin to stay calm and trust her. In that moment, she could feel some energy flow from the bone to her arm and then flow through her entire body. It energized her like when someone is struck by a lightning but this didn’t hurt at all or was even harmful for her.

After that moment of transformation, Aiana noticed a flower sprout on her head, red petals and a yellow core. She then extended her other hand towards the plant life around her. The grass, the flowers, the trees, everything. She could feel them as if they were an extension of herself. And as such, she could control them like any limb of her body. This amazed the other florans, now calling her as Nul’Aiana, the new Greenfinger.

A New Experience

Wanting to study the Matter Manipulator, Aiana kept the Sacred Bone near her, wearing it as if it were the jewel of a pendant. After many weeks studying it, she finally understood the inner mechanics and how it worked. After configuring it to an area of action of half a cubic meter, she pressed down the trigger, expecting it to deconstruct a boulder that was in front of her. While it was working, she thought it wasn’t fast enough. The boulder was cracking, yes, but the chunks weren’t popping off yet. It is when she decided to modify it to try speed up the process at the cost of more energy.

At that moment, she noticed that storm clouds were approaching. If she could somehow use the energy gathering in the clouds, she would be able to achieve something. With that in mind, she started climbing a mountain that was close to the village. Wind blowing fiercely and the thunders sounding in the background. But after reaching the top, she saw something else. A wirl of clouds and wind started to form. It was reacting to a tear in the fabric of reality that was opening. While it was a fascinating event for Aiana, like how the gravity seemed weaker where she was standing, she noticed that this event was getting a little too dangerous.

When Aiana tried to go down the mountain, she noticed she was being pulled upwards, towards the center of the tear in the fabric of reality. She heard a deep cry, as if it came from a fleshy being. A pretty large one. So large, that the volume and bass of the cry was strong enough for Aiana to feel in her sap pumps. Then from the tear, a large, yellow eye, blinking at Aiana. She was terrified of what she just saw but even though she wanted to run away, she was already being dragged towards it by what seemed like one gravity fighting the other. Could this creature be so big that it had a gravity of its own, overpowering the gravity of Saiph Grasp One?

But as Aiana crossed the tear, everything went white for a moment, making her pass out. The next thing she noticed, she was in a totally different place. Perhaps another planet, even. She found herself in the forests of Soteria.

An unexpected greeting

Aiana was soon greeted by a group of humans, the so called fleshy beings. She couldn’t make a word of what they were saying but at least they seemed to have good intentions. She was handed over a device, to which she could speak as demonstrated by one of the humans. She did that, repeating what the human was saying, then exclaiming things in her own language, noticing how it was translating to theirs. And more interesting, is that now, it was also translating from their language to hers. It was a form of communication and Aiana sure appreciated the gesture, giving a big smile in return.

After that, the humans explained for Aiana, what just happened. Confused at first, she later understood that she just came through a splice, and that this could possibly be an entirely different universe, one where the Terrene Protectorate is now called United Federation of Planets. When she was explained that there is no possible way of sending her back, Aiana expressed her concern for her tribe but there wasn’t much they could do anyways. Accepting the reality, Aiana asked them to tell her more about this universe.

An unexpected cadet

Getting interested in what Solas Tempus does to track down the said splices, Aiana asked if she could join. It was when she was directed to the Solas Tempus Academy. She also spent some time on Blazing Umbra, the space station orbiting Soteria, occasionally visiting when she had the opportunity, until it met its end, but then she would visit Nimbus Station instead, which was the next best thing, in her head. Being the only floran around has made Aiana curious about everyone else, something that aided her in adapting to the new place.

After finishing the cadet course at the Academy, Aiana asked to join the engineering arm of Solas Tempus and work at Blazing Umbra. While she was granted the former, it took some time before she was granted the latter and actually work at the place she spent some time and got to meet everyone. When the operations were moved to Nimbus Station, she was excited the most to be able to work there.

New challenges

When openings for the Temporal Operative classes appeared, Aiana was the first to take a spot, wanting to learn more and get better at what she can do and service others. She is still learning the other areas required for an operative but she is learning everything at a good pace.