Starbase Tranquility

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Starbase Tranquility
Class: Space Dock Class Station
Affiliation: Solas Tempus

Tranquility orbits Markab Prime and is a Space Dock Class Station operated by the Serenity Concord as their primary facility. The station focuses on research and development as well as training of new Solas Tempus members, it also servers as a diplomatic hub for relations with other governments.

Additional Facilities

In addition to the normal power sources of the station, it is also equipped with 2 Temporal Cores, a primary core and backup core. There is not sufficient power to operate both cores simultaneously, however, both cores are required to ensure that Temporal Operatives are able to signal for extraction even in emergency conditions.

The station also is equipped with a Type 3 Stargate.

Research and Development

Scientific research into the mechanics of time travel and its potential effects are conducted on the station and within the system. The results are regularly shared with allied governments in order to improve existing technologies. Due to the public nature of the station and its location, most research is done on a small scale.

Operational Command

Non-Temporal operations are commanded from this location making it a key facility for Solas Tempus and the central contact point with governments and races in known space.