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The small village of Whiteridge sits on the edge of the Erast Forest in the Kingdom of Thaentis on the world of Elder Soteria. It is largely a farming community subsisting on the small farm land and bounty from the forest with minimal trade for things they cannot make or find locally. It sits near the eastern boarder of Thaentis directly on one of the lesser used roads which leads to the Realm of Dusnain, the main road is farther north going past the Falcon River. About 4 days of light travel, through the forest, to the North is Stowerling Citadel, which is the closest of the royal keeps to the town, and the nearest Drochaid Stone to travel between major cities.

While the small town may have once been named for its placement in the forest in the mountains during the winter (White Ridge), the townsfolk pronounce is WHIT-er-age.



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  1. Graveyard
  2. Hearts Refuge Inn
  3. Officers of the Watch
  4. The Citadel
  5. Bourbon's Smithy
  6. Alister Farm
  7. Market
  8. School
  9. Tall Oak Stables
  10. Ender's Apothecary
  11. Tom's Butcher Shop
  12. Sorceress's Hut


The townspeople share quite a bit with each other. There are a lot of times when they only way the town itself survives is by coming together and sharing what they have with each other openly. As such the economy is mostly based on trade and fairly open trade.


The town is run by a combination of a mayor with a small council of advisors. While the men will rarely admit to it, there is also a Woman's Circle that also advises the council and the mayor on most matters. There is a great deal of contention between the two groups, the women think the men drink all day and talk about past conquests of maidens, most of which did not happen while the men tend to think the women sit around all day and figure out ways to ruin their husbands day.

Jasid Shunnid
First Council 
Jazen Mummeil
Second Council 
Eth Winterwoods
Third Council 
Kan Stuzez


The town is very much in line with stereotypical gender roles in general however, the town as a whole is fairly accepting of new ideas and rarely impose their own beliefs onto outsiders (even if they would on each other).


The town is generally accepting of outsiders, though there is some amount of caution until people have had a few drinks or done some other task with the townsfolk. Sometimes this comes down to helping one of the local farmers out, using skills to heal a sick member of the town, or simply having a few drinks and laughing with the patrons at the Hearts Refuge Inn. They can be skittish though, and when confronted will stick to their beliefs in a stubborn way.