At Molten Aether, the journey of storytelling and role-playing knows no bounds. Our Free Form Role Play (FFRP) setting invites both aspiring writers and seasoned role players to embark on a collaborative and immersive experience that transcends traditional dice-based mechanics. Explore our rich collection of diverse settings, characters, and evolving plot lines, where creativity knows no limits. Engage in open communication and respect as we weave captivating narratives spanning modern-horror, science fiction, and medieval-magical realms. Join our dynamic community on Discord, where role play, story, and plot development come to life. We have a character approval process and our list of site rules to help new players as we venture together into the ever-expanding Molten Aether universe. Plus, access our Wiki site for in-depth game lore, character information, and item details, adding depth and intrigue to your storytelling adventures.


Molten Aether offers three distinct settings for role-playing: Angelic Sins, a modern world with supernatural creatures; Blazing Umbra, a science fiction universe centered around Solas Tempus; and Embers of Soteria, a classic renaissance and fantasy realm. Our primary setting is Blazing Umbra, where thrilling adventures unfold. Join us in exploring these immersive worlds within the Molten Aether universe.

  1. Angelic Sins: Step into a modern world where supernatural creatures roam freely alongside humans. Experience the thrill of present-day Earth, where vampires, ghosts, and other supernatural entities are a reality.
  2. Blazing Umbra: A science fiction setting embark on thrilling adventures in a Star Trek-rooted universe, with elements drawn from various science fiction genres. Dive into a modified universe inspired by the beloved Star Trek franchise. The central focus is on the organization called Solas Tempus, tasked with safeguarding the timeline from alterations. While not directly affiliated with the United Federation of Planets or Starfleet, Solas Tempus maintains treaties with various known worlds, even those that may not be friendly towards the Federation.
  3. Embers of Soteria: A classic renaissance & fantasy: Immerse yourself in a world inspired by the d20 SRD, where knights, wizards, and adventurers roam. Venture into a fantastical realm set approximately 1 billion years prior to the events in Blazing Umbra. This enchanting world unfolds on the planet Elder Soteria and is intricately linked to the pre-history of the star system featured in Blazing Umbra. Here, magic, dragons, knights, and elves coexist, weaving tales of epic adventures.

Free Form Role Play (FFRP)

At Molten Aether, we embrace collaborate storytelling using the model of Free Form Role Play (FFRP), focusing on the story and development without standard mechanics of chance. Communication and collaboration among participants drive the narrative forward, allowing for open, honest, and creative plot and RP development. Characters and worlds flourish through boundless creativity, fostering immersive and captivating experiences.


At Molten Aether, effective communication is paramount to our community’s success. We encourage open, honest, and respectful dialogue among participants. If any behavior, statements, or actions are unsettling, addressing them directly and respectfully is crucial. This applies to both role-playing and general interactions. Collaborating on stories and games requires understanding and respecting fellow players’ perspectives. Disengaging from heated debates unless maintaining respect for differing viewpoints is essential. We value clear and considerate communication to foster a positive and enriching environment for all.


Respect is a fundamental value within our community. We have a zero-tolerance policy for disrespect. Treating everyone with dignity and understanding is imperative. While not everyone may get along, demonstrating respect remains non-negotiable. We celebrate diversity and inclusivity, ensuring harmful behavior such as racism, sexism, or ridicule based on identity is not tolerated. We welcome everyone and promote an atmosphere of mutual respect. Privacy is also of utmost importance, with strict rules against reposting content from our server or sharing private information. Let’s cherish the efforts invested in our stories and respect each other’s creative contributions, fostering a supportive and harmonious community.

Join Us!

Embark on an extraordinary journey at Molten Aether, where creativity thrives and storytelling knows no limits. Join our vibrant Discord community of role players and writers, and experience the magic of Free Form Role Play (FFRP), where collaborative storytelling takes center stage. Whether you’re new to role-playing or a seasoned veteran, our diverse settings and characters await your creative touch. Embrace open communication, respect, and inclusivity as we weave captivating narratives together. Venture into realms of modern-horror, science fiction, and medieval-magical themes, exploring character arcs that leave a lasting impact. Join us in shaping unforgettable tales and forging friendships that will stand the test of time. Welcome to Molten Aether, where your imagination takes flight, and every story awaits its storyteller.