Shadow of a Demon Act 2

Shadow of a Demon’s Act 1 ends with a diverse group of heroes, including a blood mage, guardians, and a vampire, uniting against demons invading Chicago. Their individual skills, from combat to tactical planning, form a strong collective defense. Military reinforcements, including Marines and Special Forces, arrive at a high school-turned-safe zone, bringing hope, heavy weaponry, and strategic leadership, enhancing the battle readiness and fortifying the city’s defense against the demon onslaught.

Our Shadow of a Demon plot line is not also progressing into Act 2! This is the plot where demons invade Chicago. Below is a summary of the story so far.

Act 1 – Initial Attack

Victoria, Po, Abigail, and Susan

Victoria’s leadership and strategic acumen are evident throughout the story. She quickly adapts to the unfolding crisis, utilizing her knowledge of blood magic to both attack and strategize against the demonic forces. Her ability to assess situations and make quick decisions makes her an invaluable leader in the group. Her initial act of decapitating a demon sets a resolute tone, inspiring others to rise to the occasion.

Po emerges as a guardian figure, his actions driven by a strong sense of duty to protect those around him. His use of a katana and fire magic in combat shows a blend of traditional martial skills and supernatural abilities. Po’s protective instincts are not just limited to physical defense; he also plays a key role in the evacuation and safeguarding of civilians, often placing himself in harm’s way to ensure the safety of others.

Abigail contributes through her tactical insight and support. While her role is less combat-focused compared to Victoria and Po, her strategic thinking and planning are crucial in navigating the group through the demon-infested city. She helps in formulating plans that maximize the group’s strengths and minimize risks, ensuring a more effective approach against the demonic threats. Susan adds another layer to the group dynamics, especially when she helps Abigail produce eldritch flame

Emiya, Falstaff, Jasmin, Karen, Trevor, and Joseline

Emiya stands as a figure of readiness and martial skill. His choice of weapon, a katana, is not only a symbol of his preparedness but also of his bravery. In the heat of battle against the demons, Emiya’s combat prowess comes to the fore, showcasing his ability to effectively engage the enemy. His frontline presence is vital for the defense of the city, as he skillfully joins forces with others to form a robust resistance. Emiya’s actions are a testament to his importance as a warrior in this supernatural conflict.

Falstaff represents a more human aspect of the narrative, initially embodying the shock and disbelief that grips many in the face of such an unexpected and catastrophic event. His journey from a state of paralysis to active participation in the battle against the demons is significant. It mirrors the transformation from fear to action, a theme that resonates throughout the story. Falstaff’s evolution highlights the capacity for growth and courage in the face of overwhelming odds.

Jasmin, with her unique abilities, brings a dynamic element to the team. Her skills, distinct yet complementary to Joseline’s, enable them to tackle challenges that would be insurmountable alone. This synergy is evident in their coordinated efforts, where Jasmin’s abilities intertwine seamlessly with Joseline’s vampire powers, creating a powerful and efficient force.

Joseline, on her part, is a force to be reckoned with. Her prowess is dramatically highlighted as she cuts a swath through the demonic invaders, showcasing her strength and ferocity. Her ability to slaughter several demons single-handedly before reaching her team underscores her formidable nature. Upon encountering the chaos, her first instinct is to join Emiya in the fray, recognizing the intensity of his battle. However, realizing the urgent need elsewhere, she pivots to assist Karen and Jasmin. This decision reflects her tactical acumen and adaptability, qualities that are invaluable in the rapidly evolving chaos of the invasion.

Her arrival to aid Karen and Jasmin is timely and crucial. It not only provides much-needed support but also exemplifies the narrative’s focus on unity and teamwork. Joseline’s intervention highlights the importance of flexibility and the willingness to respond where needed most, a theme that resonates throughout the story.

Karen, a dedicated police officer, is focused on the critical task of evacuating civilians to safety amid the chaos of the demon invasion. Her efforts, characterized by a strong sense of duty and determination, are pivotal in ensuring the protection of the city’s inhabitants. Karen’s collaboration with Jasmin and the assistance they receive from Joseline highlight the collaborative spirit essential in such dire circumstances. The unfolding events leave Karen astonished, reflecting the profound impact of the supernatural crisis on even the most seasoned professionals.

Trevor, on the other hand, enters the scene as a dynamic force. Called upon by Emiya in the early stages of the battle, Trevor makes a timely arrival to join the fight against the massive demon. His participation alongside Emiya and Falstaff showcases his bravery and combat skills. Trevor’s involvement in this critical confrontation underscores his role as a key player in the group’s strategy to repel the demonic forces. His arrival at a crucial moment in the battle signifies the importance of timely reinforcements and the collective effort needed to combat such a formidable enemy.

Marines Arrival

As the Marines arrive, they witness an intense scene: small arms fire directed at a massive Adranergash demon attempting to breach the high school’s defenses. The tension breaks into cheers and screams of delight and hope from the people as attack helicopters come into view, aggressively engaging the huge demon. The effectiveness of this military intervention is immediately apparent, as the demon, riddled with holes from the onslaught, collapses, causing destruction to the stands and field house behind the field. This dramatic fall symbolizes a turning point in the battle, showcasing the might and efficiency of the military response.

The scene is also marked by an outpouring of emotion from the civilians. While some rush to help defend alongside the Marines, others are driven by a desire to express their gratitude, attempting to hug the soldiers despite the efforts of police and others to maintain order. This emotional response underscores the desperate need for hope among the people, a need fulfilled by the Marines’ arrival.

The Marines, clad in kevlar and MARPAT, execute a well-coordinated deployment from their helicopters onto the astroturf field. They form a strategic circle, securing all directions, with a quick roll call followed by efficient communication up the chain of command. This display of disciplined military procedure underlines their preparedness and professionalism.

A key figure among the Marines is a tall man, later identified as the platoon sergeant, who immediately seeks out a marine with a radio to inform the Tactical Operations Center (TOC) of their successful landing. His actions, coupled with the efficient coordination of his fellow Marines, exemplify the level of organization and readiness within the unit.

2nd Lieutenant Maria Alvarez, another central figure, joins the platoon sergeant, giving a clear indication of her presence and support. Their subsequent interaction, along with the liftoff of the helicopters, marks the transition from a combat-focused arrival to an engagement with the public and the situation at the school.

Lieutenant Alvarez’s command to her platoon to make the school their temporary base, coupled with her and the platoon sergeant’s movement towards the school to get a situational report, highlights the shift to a defensive and supportive role. Their interaction, including light-hearted banter about the diversity and essence of their American identity, adds a human touch to the narrative.

More Military Operators Arrival

The arrival of a second set of military forces at the school, following the Marines, marks another significant escalation in the military response to the demonic invasion in “Shadow of a Demon.” This arrival is heralded by the distinct sound of rotor blades, signaling the approach of a flight of two modified Chinook helicopters, escorted by Blackhawk gunships. These helicopters perform a swift touch-and-go landing, delivering a diverse and critical reinforcement to the besieged safe zone.

From the Chinooks emerge Tal and Jasper, two USAF combat controllers, along with a mix of support personnel, cargo, and members of a Green Beret operational detachment. This arrival is not just about adding manpower; it brings with it heavy munitions, including rocket launchers and specialized rounds, signifying a substantial upgrade in the firepower available to the defenders. The Green Berets, along with the combat controllers, are there to advise and organize the various volunteers gathered at the school, indicating a strategic approach to the crisis.

The special operators, many recalled from leave and dressed in plain clothes fitted with mismatched gear, present a stark contrast to the typical military image. Their appearance, with high-tech helmets and action-movie-like rifles, adds a rugged, improvisational aspect to the narrative. As they proceed into the school to report to the command, their purposeful demeanor underscores their readiness to engage in the crisis. Above the city, an unmanned Reaper drone circles, its high-resolution sensors collecting crucial data on the unfolding events.

The last to arrive are briefed about Captain Ebner, who is in charge of the military response. Her reputation as a hot-headed but effective leader adds a layer of complexity to the command dynamics. As Tal, Jasper, and the ODA commander enter the room where the meeting with Victoria, the PC, the Mayor, and Captain Ebner is taking place, they assume positions without much interaction, focusing on their mission.

Both airmen, equipped with phones displaying ATAK for real-time updates on friendly forces and mission planning, exemplify the multitasking and high-level coordination involved in the operation. They stay alert to both the meeting and incoming transmissions, ready to adapt to the rapidly changing situation. When a crucial update arrives, Jasper tactfully approaches Captain Ebner to inform her of the development, seamlessly integrating their presence and input into the ongoing strategic discussion.

This second wave of military forces, with their diverse capabilities and focused approach, brings a new dimension to the defense of the high school safe zone. Their arrival not only bolsters the physical defenses but also enhances the strategic and technological aspects of the military response to the supernatural threat.

Murderous Children

Officials today reported information on 3 new cases being investigated by the police. In each of these cases the evidence points almost entirely to a sudden and sustained outburst of extreme violence from a child. Each of the 3 cases happened within the last 24 hours and police have not found any commonalities between the cases other than the fact that children are the primary suspect in each.

In the first case, which occurred at approximately 3:03 AM today. Video evidence shows the child, whose name has not been released, running at a young man. The young man, approximately 24 years of age, knelt down and attempted to catch the child appearing to assume the child was in some kind of trouble. The child then gouged the man’s eyes out, pushed him over, and stomped on his throat, chest, and head. The child’s parents were then found having been bludgeoned but still alive. The child was found dancing having painted their face in the man’s blood and rolling the removed eyes along the ground. Police were attacked by the child but EMTs on scene were able to administer tranquilizers to the child, who is now hospitalized.

A similar case at 7:33 AM this morning a child on a school bus attacked and strangled the bus driver while the driver attempted to pull over to the side of the road. In this case there is no video evidence but the students on the bus have remarkably similar stories as to what happened. The child in question grabbed the radio microphone and used the cable to wrap around the neck of the driver and pull tight. Some of the witnesses recall that other children were cheering as the driver was being strangled, though these accounts are confused. The child, along with 4 classmates, is now missing.

Finally at approximately 2:00 PM this afternoon, a child was caught in the fact of stabbing pencils into the face of a teachers aid. The child had already punctured the aid’s brain ramming a series of 4 sharpened pencils through the eye sockets of the adult and into the brain. School authorities pulled the child off and the child is now hospitalized as well.

Police have issued a statement asking for any information about increases in violent behavior. They are exploring several avenues but believe there may be some kind of chemical influence on the children, looking for anyone who has seen strange people around children recently. The public is being asked to be careful of who their children come into contact with until police have more information as to any potential causes.

Anyone with additional information on these incidents are asked to contact the authorities immediately.

Boarding Schools See Violence

Violent offences among young children in Los Angeles boarding schools. Recently reports have started to circulate within the educational community that those high priced boarding schools may not be the safest place to send your children. Over the last month 3 of the most prominent boarding schools in Los Angeles have seen a troubling surge in violent offences. Not from adults in the school, but from the young children. A 12 year old boy was hospitalized when another student leaped over several desks in the middle of class and began to beat the boy with a stapler. Our investigation revealed this is not the first such case, not even close. Over the last month 14 different kids, with the youngest being just 7 year old, have been sent home after a mix of violent outbursts, paranoid behavior, and in one case a near suicide.

Police are investigating on several fronts, at this time they have declared the incidents are not related. The schools themselves declined the comment. We did speak to a number of parents with children attending the different schools who are concerned. Disciplinary cases of other kinds are on the rise as well. Though public schools have not seen a matching rise in disciplinary actions which has some parents wondering if the problem is not during the day, but at night when the children are boarded at the school.

With the recent rise in violent crimes at group homes there are some hard questions to be asked. While police and other officials continue to say the two events are unrelated, it is difficult to believe they are.

Police Chase Ends in Suicide by Cop

The chase that Hawthorn allegedly lead police on ended abruptly when the suspect was caught at an abandoned property. When police caught up with him, he approached and rather than surrender attempted to shoot them, police say. That is when police shot and killed him.

In the Southern California desert, north of the small town of Schubach police were lead on a chase that lasted several hours through the near-empty roads toward Needles, California. While the name of the individual has not been released, police have said that the male suspect had stolen a motorcycle when police followed a trucker to the only gas station for miles. It is believed that this unknown man had been in contact with the driver, Joshua Lopez. Lopez had been flagged at a weigh station when police discovered inconsistencies in his paperwork. When they called the trucking company that hired him, the company had no knowledge of Lopez being sent to Los Angeles at all, stating he was not driving for them.

Police then followed Lopez to Schubach intent on inspecting the vehicles cargo. Before they could do this, the unnamed suspect detonated some kind of explosive device destroying the police cruisers. In the confusion the suspect left the scene on a stolen motorcycle. The townsfolk in Schubach identified the man as Samual Hawthorn a well respected local, known for his kindness to others. The area has seen significant hardships after the 2008 recession and Hawthorn was known among many to have helped out his neighbors, buying food and other necessities. While none knew him particularly well, the people were spoke to were genuinely shocked at the turn of events.

The chase that Hawthorn allegedly lead police on ended abruptly when the suspect was caught at an abandoned property. When police caught up with him, he approached and rather than surrender attempted to shoot them, police say. That is when police shot and killed him.

Hawthorn lived with a woman only identified as Willow, police have stated that her body was located two days ago with two bullet holes in the back of the head. They believes Hawthorn and Lopez may have been involved in some way with organized crime. The area around Schubach is somewhat known among truck drivers as a good place to go in order to avoid questions. Residents of Schubach were quick to comment that Willow had been very ill and Hawthorn was caring for her.

Police are investigating further.

City Officials Accused of Mistreating Children

Los Angeles city officials have been baffled by a recent surge of violent offences committed by minors in the juvenile detention system. Over the last several weeks the rate for violent offences within the system has surged by almost twice the number of active cases. Officials are at a loss to explain this surge but issued a statement assuring the public they everything is under control and there is no cause for alarm.

Activist groups are raising the alarm though, stating that such a surge must be due to the worsening problem over overcrowding and poor conditions in juvenile detention centers and city run group homes.

“It’s insane, these are children, not dangerous criminals. If a child is acting out in these disturbing ways, it’s the fault of the adults who are supposed to care for those children. Most of these kids are from low-income communities and many do not have family to go home to. We need to take care of these kids!”

Director of the Citizens Against Child Violence Los Angeles Office

We were granted a tour of one of the cities most decorated group home facilities. The facility is a minimum security group home specializing in criminal cases for children under the age of 12. What we say there was startling. The facility was on lockdown, a 9 year old girl had stabbed a staff member in the chest with a ballpoint pen and tried to escape. While she was caught, she violently clawed a police officer and security guard in the face. The lead therapist of the facility had this to say:

“[She] has always been a kind girl, she has anger problems but never like this. This violence is totally unlike her, she’s never had anything close to an outburst like this before.

Lead Therapist

The facility is designed to help children who’ve been convicted or are on trial for non-violent offences before they enter the foster care system. Most of the children we saw do not have a home outside the facility. Up until 2 weeks ago the facility had the best record in terms of recidivism and resident care in all of Los Angeles County. We asked what was going to happen to the young girl, the facility is considering transferring her and 4 others to in-patient psychiatric care hospitals, though beds in such facilities for children are extremely limited. The facility director refused to comment on the record, but has publicly voiced his concerns as early as last month that public funds were badly needed for psychiatric care for minors at facilities like his.

Psychiatric Cases on the Rise

Lord only knows where she got the knife, she didn’t have one on her when she came in. Before security could even get near her, she stabbed herself in the eye right to the hilt and kept stabbing over and over again. We got her restrained and medicated… I’ll never forget it, I’ve seen psyc cases before but nothing like that. Just stabbing her own eye over and over again.

Mental health officials in the city of Chicago have been plagued lately by a striking rise in hospitalizations and reported suicides. Officials decline to comment on possible causes. First responders have also reported a notable spike in near-suicides and others in severe mental distress. The similarities in cases is causing serious concern among the cities hospitals and other care facilities.

Two local hospitals have issued similar reports stating that patients have a unique chemical imbalance related to a lack of REM (Rapid Eye Movement) sleep. REM sleep is necessary for the psychological well being of everyone, without it a person becomes unable to perform simple tasks and can become paranoid and even violent. While it is unclear at this time what might cause such a spike in this rare mental breakdown there has been talk of it being related to some kind of new drug. Police have only commented that should a new drug surface which threatens the public health they would release a statement. They declined to directly comment on the potential existence of such a drug saying that comments on ongoing investigations are against policy.

The public faith in law enforcement and the Mayor’s ability to handle a new crisis has been hindered by the recent killings which are still largely unexplained in the surround areas around Chicago. Accusations that city officials only care if the affluent neighborhoods are effective have been met with stark denials. Mental health officials have noted that cases of mental distress to tend to fall along socio-economic lines but that will not hinder their research into possible causes for this latest outbreak in mental health cases.

Symptoms of this potentially new condition progress rapidly; irritability, inability to concentrate, trouble remembering, and insomnia seem to be among the initial symptoms. Hospital officials cannot give an exact timeline but they have stated one the initial symptoms set in the progression quickly escalates into paranoid and violent behavior eventually culminating in thought of suicide. While no names of victims have been released at this time one hospital official who spoke to us on condition of anonymity for fear of losing their job stated:

You don’t want to see how this happens. I was present when one of these patients went south. She was holding on, upset, having hallucinations, and paranoid but holding on with the hope she was in a safe place, you know? We had her comfortable but within minutes of falling asleep she had leaped out of bed, torn the IV needs from her arm, and was threatening nurses with a knife. Lord only knows where she got the knife, she didn’t have one on her when she came in. Before security could even get near her, she stabbed herself in the eye right to the hilt and kept stabbing over and over again. We got her restrained and medicated… I’ll never forget it, I’ve seen psyc cases before but nothing like that. Just stabbing her own eye over and over again.

Anonymous Source

Horrific stories like these have started to surface, yet officials are baffled. What could be causing such a thing?

Starlight No More & Sudden Storm

Late on Wednesday night the infamous Starlight Motel caught fire after a reportedly fake 911 call brought police there before the fire took place. Law enforcement officials believe that this is related to the series of killings taking place around Chicago for some time now. In a press conference the spokesperson for the Chicago Police Department had this to say:

We understand that in today’s world often times first responders are targeted and we must remain vigilant. Two police officers were killed in the fire that occurred late Wednesday, we mourn their loss not only as a department but as a community. Their killers will be brought to justice.

CPD Spokesperson

There are few eyewitnesses to the event, some time at around 8pm a 911 call came in requesting help. The recording of the call allows us to hear a wide variety of sounds which police say were faked, but sound very real to many. Our independent analysis shows the sounds were very real identifying several independent voices screaming, breaking of class, and other assorted noises. From that point a bulletin went out and the two deceased officers were the first on the scene, they went into the hotel first. Other officers showed up after but then reported that the call was a false alarm.

We attempted to reach the CDP officers who responded to the call but the police has not released their names. Over the next hour a fire broke out in two locations, the CFD arson unit responded and believes the blazes were intentional but have not released their report to the public. One Firefighter we spoke to on condition of anonymity told us the site was the strangest fire location he’d ever seen. He reported that there were dead snakes everywhere, as if every snake in the city had slithered there and just up and died. Blood stains on the remaining walls showed strange symbols that have stuck in his mind after the fact. With so the bodies of some 22 people found, it is no wonder the site has stuck to him.

Other than these scant details City Hall is quiet and no witnesses have come forward. We know from traffic cameras that others did show up, a woman, a rather large van style vehicle with the letters “P S Y C H O T R O N I C S” painted on the side. We have not been able to find a company with this logo or name as yet, leaving the serious question – are they responsible?

During the blaze a freak weather phenomena occur across the entirety of the Chicago area, a sudden storm perhaps saved nearby properties from burning. The storm pushed rain down upon the area that for a while resembled a monsoon. As the storm raged on the temperature dropped suddenly, but briefly, below freezing causing large hailstones. This storm front, which meteorologists say came out of nowhere, lasted for almost a full week of constant rain. Scattered reports say that some people actually found frozen snakes falling from the sky late on Wednesday night, even some filing insurance claims for damage to homes and cars. One homeowner had this to say about the freak weather:

I’m not going to tell the insurance company a snake dented the roof of my car, that is crazy. I wouldn’t believe me! It happened though, a snake about a foot long. Can you believe it? A frozen snake a foot long dented my car!

Chicago Resident Joseph

Joseph requested we not print his last name or address for fear the insurance company would deny his claim upon hearing he is blaming it on a snake. It is highly this night is going to leave our memory any time soon.

The remains of the Starlight Motel have been condemned and the insurance company has erect chain-link fencing to keep people out. The owner of the property has not responded to our requests for comment. It is very likely that without the freak weather phenomena which dumped several inches of rain on the city in such a short time span the fire would have spread to neighboring lots.

Death Moves Unchecked – Police Afraid to Investigate?

I’ve never seen anything like this, they say it’s gangs but it’s not. It’s been a bloodbath in the gang controlled areas, they are setting up roadblocks to keep people out we’re not even going in. I don’t know what they are going to do, but things are not under control, those people living there need to get out. They need to get out now.

Several areas around Chicago have been plunged into chaos. While the official response from police is that they are working several unrelated cases which have been misconstrued by the press to be related incidents and that things are under control. The police chief has chastised the press in recent public statements accusing organizations of purposefully misrepresenting facts. Even in the midst of these public statements reporting that surrounding areas are under control and there is no public danger, reports are that the Mayor is close to declaring a state of national emergency.

On condition of anonymity one officer, which we will call Mr. Smith, has described a much different situation developing.

I’ve worked for the Chicago Police Department for the last 7 or so years, maybe 8 now. I’ve never seen anything like this, they say it’s gangs but it’s not. It’s been a bloodbath in the gang controlled areas, they are setting up roadblocks to keep people out we’re not even going in. I don’t know what they are going to do, but things are not under control, those people living there need to get out. They need to get out now.

Mr. Smith

Several other members of the department also agreed to speak with us on condition that we protect their identities. Most are afraid of not only losing their jobs but being sent into places they won’t come back out of. Photos provided by a pair of detectives show strange symbols drawn in blood. One of the defectives also said looking at them “felt wrong” somehow but couldn’t explain it, both detectives said they were considering leaving the force stating “we aren’t trained to handle this, no one is”.

Alderman Duante Smithers spoke to us about the issues plaguing many residents on the outskirts of Chicago.

We all know the police have a tendency to disappear when Blacks are getting hurt, but this is ridiculous and they should be ashamed of themselves. I don’t even know how many are dead but my own people say there could be as many as a hundred people dead and no one is being allowed to speak of it. Several massacres have gone untouched by the cops. No one is even trying to help these people and they need help. It’s disgusting, goes to show how little anyone cares when you’ve got the wrong color skin.

Alderman Duante Smithers

The Alderman is not alone, reports from quite a few people speak of crime scenes that haven’t even been taped up even though weeks have passed. One thing is abundantly clear, whatever is happening, the police are just as in the dark about it as everyone else.

The Council

We contacted the Vampire Council for the city who are equally appalled at the recent action among human officers. While the council swears they are looking into the matter they have been rather tight lipped, as have other supernatural organizations which usually work with police and the public to solve delicate situations for which the police and general public are unaware.

While it is not unusual for the council to be tight lipped when they feel it suits their interests it is unusual for the other groups to be equally so. There are some unconfirmed reports that the council is investigating what could be happening, with a particular bend toward a possible link to demons or one of the lower planes. Several who have been paid to study the symbols state that they stick in the mind in an otherworldly way and make a person uneasy to gaze at with a lasting effect.

Several individuals of particular gifts such as psionics and students of the mystic arts have also left the area without a word. Some have left profitable jobs and spent considerable resources to prematurely end contracts though none could be reached for comment.

OOC Notes

This storyline is not just mine to do. I would like all players to try to integrate this new information into their role plays. This is something everyone in the city would have heard something about. Those within supernatural circles would have heard more. Notes on this storyline can be found on the forum under this tag or this tag here on the wordpress. This is also linked to the current plot at the Starlight Motel on Discord as well as other posts there. Please contact me with any questions but also feel free to improvise if you don’t know you can guess and we’ll make it work.

Trouble on the Horizon?

For many people in the cities around Chicago gangs and gang violence are just part of everyday life. For those in Ford Heights and similar areas, the violence has been steadily escalating for days and no one quite knows why. The dominant gangs appears to be splitting along previously unknown fault lines. Loyal members vanish for a few days and then come back only to shoot up their former allies with no demands or talk involved.

The most recent shooting has even gang members shocked and willing to talk to each other. Previously, it hasn’t been easy to get the leaders of the different territories to get together, but something has changed.

Bobby just came at us. We hadn’t seen him in a few days and figured he’d just been layin’ low, pissed someone off. Saw him next and he got the drop on us, just started shooting. It was bloody, I don’t know what could make anyone do that, out of nowhere, we grew up together and he just shot me in the chest four times. I’ll never forget it though, I see him again he’ll be the one bloody.

Eye Witness to Shooting in Ford Heights

Even with the chronically low levels of educational success, the local community leaders have been able to broker meetings between gang leaders in the area. So far, no one is accepting responsibility, in fact local leaders have taken them at face value.

When one of them is fronting, you can tell. You can just tell, more often than not they’ll tell you themselves that they did it without saying it. A lot of these people lead out of fear, fear of reprisal. No one wants a war, but most of these boys agree that one is coming, the only problem is they don’t know from where.

Local Community Leader

So far the police have been silent, but that is nothing new for these neighborhoods. Word has it, that this isn’t isolated to the Heights either. Word has come in from other neighborhoods that similar things are starting to happen elsewhere. Investigations reveal numerous 911 calls from surrounding suburbs and even getting into the edges of Chicago proper. Calls are often answered late and when the police get there, there isn’t much to do other than call the coroner and file a report.

Kids are dying. Kids. I don’t care what they think, these aren’t perfect kids but who is? And what do the cops do? Nothing. They don’t care, to them it’ll be all the same if we all drop dead tomorrow. Maybe then someone will build a nice mall and golf course, then the cops would care. No, we’re on our own.

Local Pawn Shop Owner

Community outrage has yet to reach officials in Chicago, or if it has they have been entirely silent. Repeated calls to the mayor’s office or the police chief have been met with no comment. The silence is deafening. If this continues, they won’t be able to stay silent forever.

Salvage Begins in Los Angeles

The anomalous effects in Los Angeles County that accompanied the explosion in the desert also appear to have abated, though it is estimated over 100 supernaturals or those with supernatural abilities were injured or killed during the unexplained event.

In Los Angels, while the US Government has repeatedly stated that it believes a natural gas pocket was breeched during routine construction of an underground bunker facility, there are serious questions that have yet to be answered. Government officials have been unresponsive to further inquiries, however, first responders were finally allowed on scene to the site of the desert explosions which took place recently just outside the city. So far, no survivors have been found, the bodies recovered have been burned beyond recognition.

On site details are sketchy and the first responders have only been allowed to investigate the areas of the first basement level with other levels closed, supposedly for decontamination. It is unclear at this point how deep the facility goes, military personnel have been bringing out bodies in various states of being burned, though all of them are burned so bad that dental records will have to be used for identification.

Anomalous Effects

The anomalous effects in Los Angeles County that accompanied the explosion in the desert also appear to have abated, though it is estimated over 100 supernaturals or those with supernatural abilities were injured or killed during the unexplained event. Investigators from the local government who deal with supernatural events have begun to look into possible explanations, but so far have found nothing.