Blazing Umbra

  • Soteria News Service is the news source for the planet Soteria in the Schatten Star System. It handles news both locally and over known space.
  • Solas Tempus Internal COM’s is not a news source but rather for memos and other internal communications of Solas Tempus, its contents would be access locked to outsiders who are not part of the organization, some may even be classified as top secret (and will be noted as such).
  • Imperial Intercepts are the codded communications for Imperial and Onyx agents, posts in this category are not known to the public, similar to the Solas Tempus Internal COM’s.
  • Providence Truth is a show that purports to tell the truth about what they don’t want the people to know. Considered by many to be salacious trash it has a number of steadfast followers who see the broadcast as the only truth left to tell the people what they truly need to know about the world. There is a good amount of controversy over the origin of the messages and the author, do they truly believe what they are saying or is there something more sinister going on?

Angelic Sins

  • Morning Star News is a supernatural news service out of Chicago Illinois, while the service focuses on the local Chicago area it does also provide some national news of events important to the supernatural and paranormal community.  Most humans do not know it exists, or if they do, believe it to be some kind of a bad joke worse than a tabloid.

Embers of Soteria

  • Star Herald is a news service for Elder Soteria, distributed via caravans and other travellers and through the magical Airgid Drochaid network to major cities throughout the world.

Out of Character

  • Site News
  • Motus Impulsores is a category for writing prompts and other similar creative challenges and the like.

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