Contest – Sexiest Ship

So we’re doing a contest to decide on the sexiest ship. The winner of the contest, the person who submitted the ship that is voted to be sexiest, will get the opportunity to write a plot line where a character of their choice gets to obtain that ship. Of course, standard caveats apply to maintain balance of power in the game. If, for whatever reason, the ship is in the game already or impossible to add the award will be discussed with the player and a suitable replacement will be agreed upon.

Submissions will end Monday the 4th by 5pm Eastern US Time. Right now we have 6 submissions pinned in the media channel on Discord. Once 5pm hits on the 4th, we will open a poll for users to vote on what they believe the sexist of the presented ships are.

Ships must be starships of at least 100 meters in length or a crew of at least 100 people.

May’s Top Contributors

Here are the top contributors for May 2018.


  • Titan Shadow (64 Replies)
  • Buckethead (38 Replies)
  • Red_the_heretic (32 Replies)


Contribution Score combines new pages with revisions.

  • Cyclope (Contribution Score 93)
  • Darktrooper501 (Contribution Score 29)
  • Neo Akazuli (Contribution Score 15)


  • Titan Shadow#1701 gets 2000 Guild Points
  • Buck Approves#3038 gets 750 Guild Points
  • darktrooper501#8924 gets 750 Guild Points
  • Red the 15th#2304 gets 500 Guild Points
  • JumpingScript#4310 gets 500 Guild Points

New Top Guild Scores

New scores directly from Tatsumaki:

User Score
darktrooper 224033
Titan Shadow 220951
Red the 15th 165881
t0l 151836
ks 146883
The Chubby Gamer, Sloth Boi 138390
Dr. Winterdawn 96528
(Thatotakugalaxy) Jade 83808
JumpingScript 80865
Buck Approves 71531

Thank you for all the help everyone!

Awarding for Wiki and Forum Contributions

So I’ve been trying for a while to figure out how to reward people for adding content to the wiki or using the forum. So what I have come up with is that each month I’ll award, via the Tatsumaki bot on Discord, guild points for the top 3 contributors for the last month. The Wiki site is the easiest, as I just installed a handy extension that does exactly this. Discourse also has a nice feature, which will use the number of replies, since this is a role-play community, replies are everything! I may consider adding a bonus or something for the number of topics started or some such.

Here is the breakdown for the points awarded. The forum and wiki are treated separately in this case.

1st Place gets 1000 points.
2nd Place gets 750 points.
3rd Place gets 500 points.

Point totals may get adjusted in the future as needed.