Task Force for Operation Gray Angel

A new task force has been assembled to search for and rescue the missing Commander Megan Shepard of the USS Pegasus. Her XO from the Pegasus, Denver Tierny has been given a field commission of full Commander and placed in command of the small task force composed of the New Hope, Epoch, and Pegasus. All vessels are being retrofit with the Phasing Cloak to further assist in the operation code-named Gray Angel.

Background Information

Commander Shepard was abducted from the Aerowing belonging to the Pegasus at some point in time when returning to the Schatten Star System after a personal trip to Earth. The Pegasus along with the Epoch were dispatched at once to investigate, they later detected Shepard’s combadge on an Imperial vessel. The two vessels were attacked in an ambush and managed to return to the Schatten System after the Epoch suffered significant damage. The fabber, Vulcan, is quickly assisting with the vessels refit.

In accordance with existing treaties, Starfleet Command has expressed the desire to take over the operation, which Solas Tempus has politely declined to allow. Federation vessels, however, are also available to assist.

Speak to Buck and KS about entering this plot, I’m not sure what they need, but pilots for fighters perhaps or people to play Imperials.

SPECCOM / STMC Training Orders

Credible intel has lead to the discovery that Onyx has obtained the designs for the Mark X Informational Assistant, or XIA. It is very likely that they are constructing these units. Due to the obvious potential threat, as of now all SPECCOM and STMC personnel shall begin training in using area of effect weapons to disable XIA units. Disabling XIA units in the field could become critical to defense in field operations. Training schedules will be available using a variety of weapons for multiple time periods as well as testing for weapon designs and deployment.

See your direct commander for additional information about the new training protocols. Personnel should also remember that continued use of derogatory terms for potential threats is to be stopped immediately. Derogatory or racial terms used while on duty or off can result in disciplinary actions as they limit perceptions and thoughts.

Candidates for the Stellar Horizon

As many already know the Concord has agreed that we should branch out from our military functions and begin an exploration campaign. Quite simply there is a lot of space out there and we will need an increasing amount of resources as time goes on. Right now we are reviewing candidates for the command crew of the STV Stellar Horizon. Anyone who wishes to be part of the command crew or knows someone who they believe would be an exemplar member of this crew should contact their immediate commanding officer and recommend that person for review. Candidates will be reviewed on a number of criteria, however, it should be specially noted that this will not be a combat vessel or one that engages in military activities. There will be a large science contingent to work with our own Green and Gold team members. We have yet to make the final selections on the commanding officer, executive officer, or the vessels department heads. The new ship has been towed via Hyperspace into the Schatten System and finally docked at the Umbral Shipyards for its final rounds of testing.

OOC: Anyone wishing their characters to join the crew should contact one of the staff and make their wishes clear.

John Angelos Relieved of Duty

By order of Fleet Admiral Lance Thomas, pending further review of his actions, Lt. Commander John Angelos is removed from active duty effective immediately. His security clearance is hereby suspended and the Chief of Security position will be temporarily given to his 2nd in command. He is not permitted to enter the security offices without an escort and is further prohibited from carrying a weapon in public.

Discussion of this order with anyone is also prohibited. Anyone who violates these orders is subject to sift and severe disciplinary action.

As a reminder, the civilian government has exercised its authority to arrest and incarcerate in our security facility a member of the security team. No person is allowed to, for any reason, interfere with this action or the investigation of the civilian government.

Notice to Increase Security Measures

All departments are ordered to increase security measures both physically and electronically. All physical access keys and ports are to be locked and secured when not directly in use, any and all potentials for security breeches should be reported to security immediately, even if they are probably nothing, they are to be reported immediately. Any individuals sighted accessing a terminal without probable cause are to be reported to security immediately as well. Personnel are not to allow access to their terminals by third parties, even family members, all personnel of all ages are to use their own access codes to access any and all terminals.

There is a security threat on the station. Security personnel are ordered to begin investigation all possible security breeches until some answers are found. At least 3 major breeches of digital security have occurred in this month alone, we need to defend ourselves and root out the security problem before another breech happens.

If we cannot secure out information, we have a more serious problem than politics and public opinion.