John Angelos Relieved of Duty

By order of Fleet Admiral Lance Thomas, pending further review of his actions, Lt. Commander John Angelos is removed from active duty effective immediately. His security clearance is hereby suspended and the Chief of Security position will be temporarily given to his 2nd in command. He is not permitted to enter the security offices without an escort and is further prohibited from carrying a weapon in public.

Discussion of this order with anyone is also prohibited. Anyone who violates these orders is subject to sift and severe disciplinary action.

As a reminder, the civilian government has exercised its authority to arrest and incarcerate in our security facility a member of the security team. No person is allowed to, for any reason, interfere with this action or the investigation of the civilian government.

Notice to Increase Security Measures

All departments are ordered to increase security measures both physically and electronically. All physical access keys and ports are to be locked and secured when not directly in use, any and all potentials for security breeches should be reported to security immediately, even if they are probably nothing, they are to be reported immediately. Any individuals sighted accessing a terminal without probable cause are to be reported to security immediately as well. Personnel are not to allow access to their terminals by third parties, even family members, all personnel of all ages are to use their own access codes to access any and all terminals.

There is a security threat on the station. Security personnel are ordered to begin investigation all possible security breeches until some answers are found. At least 3 major breeches of digital security have occurred in this month alone, we need to defend ourselves and root out the security problem before another breech happens.

If we cannot secure out information, we have a more serious problem than politics and public opinion.