A Lyrical Writing Prompt

So rather than an image this time, I’d like to do a lyrical prompt, this comes from the song Off to the Races by Lana Del Rey, one of my personal favorites. I would suggest to people to not be tied to the song itself, the artist is clearly painting a vivid picture of a certain kind of relationship. However, don’t be concerned with straying away from that and into the realm of places one can take the verse itself on its own merit.

Because I’m crazy, baby
I need you to come here and save me
I’m your little scarlet starlet
Singing in the garden
Kiss me on my open mouth

For those that want it, here is the original song.

Successful Writing Prompts

So far my foray into writing prompts has been successful, so we’re going to keep doing it. As such, I’ve created a new category on the site blog, Motus Impulsores, which is Latin for “Sources of Inspiration” (at least according to Google Translate). Most everyone here has had substantial improvement in their writing and I’m so happy to see that taking place. Moving forward, this category is going to be used for when we’ve got news or other such information relating to writing and role playing as a method of collaboration.

I’m enjoying seeing what everyone comes up with and I look forward to seeing where the community goes moving forward.

Thank you all.

Writing Prompt – Girl on a Cliff

So here is another writing prompt for everyone. Again, best to do one or two paragraphs at least, but one can do more if they want to. I’d love to see where everyone takes this image, what is happening in it? Why is the girl there? Is it really a girl? How did they get there? What exactly are they doing?

Let your imagination run with it!

Inspirational Image Writing Prompt

We all get inspired by something. I’m going to start doing a regular thing where anyone who wants to can write between 1 and 2 paragraphs on an image, video, music, or text that is posted here. The text doesn’t have to be a story, a role play, or anything other than it must be inspired by the prompt. The text can be as light, dark, erotic, or benign as a person wants it to be just keep it to between 1 and 2 paragraphs.

The Prompt

Winter Scene