Trello Boards

Storylines are complex and writing them can also get complex. No single person should have the responsibility of entertaining the rest with role play. Even the most seasoned role playing groups have times when the GM switches off and one of the players takes over and runs for a while.

Here are our current Trello boards:

What is Trello?

Trello is a project management tool. In theory it can be used to keep track of anything that is built or maintained using some kind of a process.

What does it get used for here?

We use Trello to keep track of the story writing process. Each plot which can be played is a story unto itself, linked to the other stories and characters who participate. Any player can participate in this creation process, which is why the Trello boards are public. We aim to distribute the work of writing plots among staff and players alike, that way anyone who wants to can have a say and take some ownership of parts of the game.

Do I have to write plots to play?

No, but it is strongly suggested. There is a definite link between writing plots for others to play and role playing skill. One of the best way to improve your own role playing skill is to write plots.

How do I contribute?

One of the best ways to contribute is to participate in the brainstorming process. We post a lot of that to the forum here and anyone/everyone on the forum is welcome to post their opinions and participate in the discussion.

If you want to take on the task of writing some plot element that is on Trello and is not already assigned, ask a staff member if you can take on that task.

How do I use Trello?

We’ve got a how-to posted here that goes over the process and what each stage is for and how to use it.

That’s a lot of steps, can’t I just write something?

Yes, but it is strongly suggested that for plots and some larger plots / plot elements people post a thread on the forum asking for input. You don’t have to take all or any of the input but it’s possible people have ideas that might make more sense in the story or enhance ideas you’ve already had.

What if I can’t finish something I start?

While no one likes to admit that they need help or that they cannot finish something, if you can’t then you can’t. Real life always comes first and everyone has things going on. No one will get into trouble, banned, kicked, or otherwise punished for failing to finish a task. Life happens! Just tell someone, a staff member or whoever is running that story that you’re having trouble or cannot finish. All you need to do is communicate issues you’re having so everyone is on the same page. It is a bit of a burden to have people relying on you for something that never happens. It is far, far better to just communicate the issue and move on.