Souls Templar Looking for Dangers

The Souls Templar has made it clear that it will not continue to sit idle while the countryside is under threat. Grand Mistress Lisa Thomson has made it crystal clear that her knights have been sent out to look for whatever is causing the recent problems and find a solution to it.

In her own words…

Our countryside shall always be safe, even if it means we must make it safe at the point of a sword. The people shall not be made to tremble at the idea of traveling, the world is at stake and we will rid it of such filth as we have seen. Nothing shall stand in our way!

The Grand Mistress is known far and wide for her skill with a sword and with magic as well, the Knights themselves are known to be good to their words and promises. Many rulers cheer this news that the Souls Templar will take charge in the fight to win back the land from what plagues it.