Stellar Horizon RP – Functional Vision

Alright, so, I want people to be able to do smaller sub-plot and even just one-off’s of the RP while we do this. Since the main story is going to take place on the forum there will be down-time while waiting for posts, thus on the Discord server I have created a channel for the ship.

My goal is to have the main story going on with the forum and allow for smaller plays to go on live on Discord, since that is what most people prefer to do. Most smaller stories don’t have to get summarized at all to the forum but we can adjust that as needed. If we find that the channel is used a lot, we’ll make others and make it a category.

We will also be making heavy use of NPC’s during the game, and I’d like to invite players to feel free to create NPC’s for the story.

As a final note, I know this is going to take a bit to pin down into something that really works, I’ve seen a few different methods of doing something like this so we’ll try a few as problems come up and hopefully settle on something that works and everyone is happy with.