2 Years in Operation

Mountain View of Accomplishment

I would like to begin by thanking everyone on our server.  It is our 2nd year in operation on Discord and this is still the most successful incarnation of the server that I’ve done.  While we lost a few players along the way we have also gained some new ones.  I’d love to just shout out my appreciation right now to some of more most recent additions, Chaos Sorcerer Spartan889#7660AscendingCanadian#4800, and most recently katté#5241.  We all apprecitiate you joining the server and contributing to our collective stories.

In the two year in operation the site has come a long way.  We’ve expanded from just a Discord server with a Wiki to a site with a full forum that gets used almost daily, our server itself has activity nearly every day in a variety of channels, and all three settings get used!  Perhaps the biggest accomplishment of our server is the fact that our players contribute so much to making everything happen.  It may not surprise people to know how many WordPress and other blogging sites I’ve used in conjunction with my various RP endeavors previously.  This is the first time I’ve had players who actively contribute to the site!  It really does give me a stark appreciation of all of our players, but especially of our Staff and Founders.

Staff Elections

Moving along, we just had a lengthy nomination and election cycle for the server.  I am pleased to announce we had a larger turnout for the votes than we have in the past and collectively those who’ve voted have chosen our Staff members.  Our new Moderator roster will contain:

  • Buckethead#3038
  • Red the 15th#2304
  • The Chubby Gamer, Sloth Boi#7439
  • Imperatoris Lacerta#8924

As a very close runner up, timot1066#8017 will serve as an alternate.  In the mean time, I’d like to congratulate our staff for being elected into position.  Some of our members such as Red and Chubby have been re-elected, and that gets a special congratulations.

New Plots

Moving forward, I hope to very soon begin on a road the continues our major outstanding plots, in particular the Akron plot which has languished for a long time time but also our murder mystery plot for Angelic Sins and our plots for the veils between worlds breaking down for Embers of Soteria.  Again, thank you all for your help, and here’s to another year having gone by.


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