What’s going on here? – A Writing Prompt

Enterprise Bridge from Where No Man has Gone Before

I have really liked some of the text which has come as a result of our writing prompts!  This is a little different, this scene is (of course) from the 2nd episode of Star Trek the Original Series ever to be recorded, the so-called 2nd pilot.  I chose a scene that is intentionally ambiguous where many of the characters present are not present in the show as it was known or not formed into the mold which they later became.

For this writing prompt, I’d like people to answer the question:  “What is going on here?”

What do I mean?  I mean, I’d like people to consider what could be going on in the scene, who these people are, what are they thinking, saying, what are they about to do?  Is it a normal day?  How about the start of an adventure that will change them?  Perhaps it is the end after they’ve saved the day!  Maybe they haven’t made it out yet.

We’ve got some new players and I encourage them to submit something.  No approvals required here, for those that aren’t familiar with this — you may use any character from anywhere just be creative and have fun.  There are no wrong answers.