Latest Founder – Minty Jade

Lamp Magic by Júnior Ferreira

In recognition of the sheer amount of improvement and further focus on character development over the last year or so; I have added the newest member to our list of founders. The title of Founder is given to anyone who has significantly contributed to the setting itself; such a title has been previously given out to Yuu-Desi, for his contributions to the definition and nature of magic and how it works as well as to T0l for his significant contributions to the military structure of Solas Tempus and weaponry used by the site. Beyond simply contributing information to the Wiki or participating in role playing, Jade has made a distinct effort to swing through creative and well crafted arcs of character development which added significantly to the setting. The additions to the setting include the way death, the dead, the damned, and the saved are handled in the setting and defining an entire plane of existence while still maintaining an idea of balance within the playable characters she plays.

So, for that, we thank you @jade, congrats.