Call for Players to Multiple Plots

I’ve been rumbling about starting a number of plots lately. Here are the plots I’m currently working on. Players should DM me if they are interested.

Blazing Umbra

The first upcoming plot here is From All to None, where a group of Temporal Operatives is disavowed and has been framed by an outside party. The group must then endeavor to clear their names before the Solas Tempus authorities find them.

We’ve got positions open for the Temporal Operatives as well as their ships MSAI. The plot is going to begin where they must convince their ships MSAI to help them rather than take over the ship and turn them in. Please DM me if anyone is interested.

The second upcoming plot for Blazing Umbra is the Exploring a Derelict plot. This plot is exactly what it says on the tin, a derelict vessel of some fame for vanishing without a trace is discovered. The players receive a vague threat and go aboard to find out what happened to the ghost ship. Once there they find out too much information and must figure out how to get off the ship and away from it with their lives. Please DM me if anyone is interested.

Angelic Sins

The main upcoming plot here is the Mysterious Door appearing in Chicago. The group of players will become involved in a fable-like scenario where one or all of the players tries to open the door and incurs the wrath of what lies beyond it. The entity will then come out of the door to take back with it the person(s) who tries to open the door or it will kill the loved ones of the person(s) as payment for being disturbed.

This one will be a bit difficult for me to write but I’m looking forward to it. Rather than focused on combat, it will be focused on the chase itself. Some goal will be given that needs to be accomplished while protecting loved ones to appease the entity. Please DM me if you’re interested.