A Potential New Beginning

For the last few years we have consistently hit a wall as to what is available within the confines of each setting and its history / lore. The three separate (but related) settings has its drawbacks. Moving between settings to this point has been treated as a bit of a no-no among players without special permission.

I have long been toying with the idea of finding a way to remake the settings in such a way to divorce them from some of the problematic sources. Star Trek in and of itself can be quite limiting and is not always consistent in its plot elements, we have attempted to smooth these difficulties but as we have developed a cosmology model for the 3 settings we have come to some issues.

The question comes, what do we do about it. I’m not doing anything right away, I still have about 6 weeks in my student teaching. In preparation though, I have created a survey. Please review the survey and give some responses. I’m not going to lie doing this would be a monumental task, depending on what is changed. I would need help in doing it but it would also allow us the opportunity to forge a new game from scratch and make it truly ours / divorced from Star Trek, Star Wars, VtM, D&D, etc..