Plot Update for Embers of Soteria

Officially attempting to push forward the major plot for Embers of Soteria; the primary plot point here is going to be the Return of the Fae. Posted an updated casting call for players to play humans / light fae native to Elder Soteria. Also updated how these plots are organized as part of the overarching Weakening of the Veil plot line, which should culminate in the protective runes being repaired.

The major plot has a lot on the line and the returning of the light fae from banishment into the Dark Aether could plunge the entire world into war with the light fae. There is a lot of fear, where once the light fae were seen as peaceful the line has blurred, now many fear all fae and it impossible to say what any of the kingdoms will do upon their return.

This is an important time for the game setting as a whole, participation on either side will help build and define the world moving forward!