More Information on What is Needed

So, I posted a request not long ago for witnesses for Angelic Sins. To help with that, here is a post to the forum about what is happening and what people might witness, to give a good starting point. I also would like to point out a few other things that we need for various parts in the Game.

Thanks to Liz, there is the idea of an Alex Jones (Infowars) style character, which I think is a great idea, I posted a request for this kind of character to the forum. Not only that, but in our story with the Imperials and abducted Commander, it would be helpful to have someone do an interrogator.

I’m trying to push things along on all fronts, so finally here is what I’m looking for for Embers of Soteria. I’d love to get some ideas, it is largely undefined what is coming but we have some pretty powerful characters in play so it should be mysterious and vague at first but end up being huge and incredibly powerful / dangerous.