Fallback Services – When Discord Fails

I’d just like to remind everyone that we have some backup chat services in the event that Discord fails. However, before getting to that, for those that don’t know we have our own site Twitter and Facebook feeds.


Those feeds should keep everyone up to date on site news. In the event of a Discord failure that lasts for a significant period of time, information will be posted to those sites first. I have configured all 3 of the following fall-backs for people to be able to regroup and continue RP or other such things in the event of an extended failure of Discord.


Slack is a business-focused chat service similar to what Discord does but it has no voice or video features and has pay-features which we will not be using (obviously). This is very easy to set up, and can be accessed simply from this complicated invite link. This link there dumps a person directly into the Slack server, which is basically at this team address. Slack is a bit different from Discord but should also function as a reasonable fall-back for a lot of people given it’s mobile application support as well as simple sign-in-and-go process.


Keybase is a security and identity service which allows a lot of things, security, encryption, identity verification, but what we are interested in is the team-chat feature, which is a fall-back in case Discord is not operational. The team name is moltenaether, anyone may request to join the team and then have access to the chat as well as a lot of files stored in the keybase secure storage.

Keybase is a bit complicated to use, however, and not everyone is going to want to set it up. Thus, we have other alternatives.

Jabber / XMPP

Now I know that Jabber and XMPP are basically dead except for as an underlying technology of other shit (Facebook and Google both have used the protocol). However, we do operate a Jabber / XMPP server, to get an account one has to go to here. This is basically like any IM software and is mostly about presence and one-on-one chat, I can personally be found at cyclops@blazingumbra.com as my Jabber / XMPP address.