Public Service Serial Killer

You Came Home Dead Set on What You Had to Do

Several murders throughout Los Angeles County have raised eyebrows as a pattern emerges of a vigilante taking care of low-level gang bangers. Slugs retrieved from the crime scenes all clearly link this to the same perpetrator through analysis of the bullets, which are unusually heavy and show trace evidence of motor oil and a number of other odd contaminants.

Police are theorizing that the perpetrator may have been caught doing some other crime and incarcerated, or perhaps left the area as several weeks have gone by without a new killing attributed to the killer. It is clear that the killer has a high amount of professional skill with the act of killing and evidence to date suggests a potential military background. This would certainly not be the first time Los Angeles had found military-trained killers in their midsts but the first time in a considerable time that such a killer was attacking these kinds of targets.

Many in the communities effected are praising the vigilante for doing what the police could not – keeping them safe.