Appeal for Patronage

I’m not one to ask for money really. I try hard to cover the server costs (web servers not the Discord server of course) myself as I dislike asking for money. However, as the use of the web services has increased my cost in providing those services has as well. I would also like to find a way to fund doing a contest with awards like gift cards and such to boost participation. As such, I’m, again, seeking those to become patrons of the server and what we do here.

I enjoy doing the work I do trying to create new content and help fit everything together but it does take a lot of time and energy to do so. Thus, I ask anyone who is willing and able to help to please do so. Here is the Patreon URL.

Thank you, everyone, for all of your support (of all the forms it takes). I appreciate it greatly!

Fallback Services – When Discord Fails

I’d just like to remind everyone that we have some backup chat services in the event that Discord fails. However, before getting to that, for those that don’t know we have our own site Twitter and Facebook feeds.


Those feeds should keep everyone up to date on site news. In the event of a Discord failure that lasts for a significant period of time, information will be posted to those sites first. I have configured all 3 of the following fall-backs for people to be able to regroup and continue RP or other such things in the event of an extended failure of Discord.


Slack is a business-focused chat service similar to what Discord does but it has no voice or video features and has pay-features which we will not be using (obviously). This is very easy to set up, and can be accessed simply from this complicated invite link. This link there dumps a person directly into the Slack server, which is basically at this team address. Slack is a bit different from Discord but should also function as a reasonable fall-back for a lot of people given it’s mobile application support as well as simple sign-in-and-go process.


Keybase is a security and identity service which allows a lot of things, security, encryption, identity verification, but what we are interested in is the team-chat feature, which is a fall-back in case Discord is not operational. The team name is moltenaether, anyone may request to join the team and then have access to the chat as well as a lot of files stored in the keybase secure storage.

Keybase is a bit complicated to use, however, and not everyone is going to want to set it up. Thus, we have other alternatives.

Jabber / XMPP

Now I know that Jabber and XMPP are basically dead except for as an underlying technology of other shit (Facebook and Google both have used the protocol). However, we do operate a Jabber / XMPP server, to get an account one has to go to here. This is basically like any IM software and is mostly about presence and one-on-one chat, I can personally be found at as my Jabber / XMPP address.

Stellar Horizon RP – Functional Vision

Alright, so, I want people to be able to do smaller sub-plot and even just one-off’s of the RP while we do this. Since the main story is going to take place on the forum there will be down-time while waiting for posts, thus on the Discord server I have created a channel for the ship.

My goal is to have the main story going on with the forum and allow for smaller plays to go on live on Discord, since that is what most people prefer to do. Most smaller stories don’t have to get summarized at all to the forum but we can adjust that as needed. If we find that the channel is used a lot, we’ll make others and make it a category.

We will also be making heavy use of NPC’s during the game, and I’d like to invite players to feel free to create NPC’s for the story.

As a final note, I know this is going to take a bit to pin down into something that really works, I’ve seen a few different methods of doing something like this so we’ll try a few as problems come up and hopefully settle on something that works and everyone is happy with.

June’s Top Contributors

First of all, I would like to start off by thanking our staff members Liz, ks, and t0l for participating in the recent storyline done by Bucket, if even tangentially. I will be posting more about that in an in-character post from the news service.

In addition to the scores posted about previously, since our top spots are entirely staff members right now, we will be adding a new spot for each (forum and wiki) for the top non-staff contributor each, which will be worth 1000 points each.

For Running Plot

Buck Approves#3038 is awarded 1000 guild points to his score for running his plot involving the Vex on Soteria un Blazing Umbra. Thank you Buck, we appreciate it.

For the Wiki

As previously discussed, this is based on the Contribution Scores extension for MediaWiki over the last 30 days.

  1. Cyclops
  2. Red
  3. Darktrooper501

The user Ks0908 is a close 4th place.

The user Spartan889 is the top non-staff contributor to the wiki.

Those users produced a combined score based on number of revisions and new content added to the wiki. We thank them for expanding our collective universe and helping to create a more robust setting.

For the Forum

These are awarded based on replies to threads over the last 30 days and does not take into account new threads started.

  1. Titan Shadow
  2. Red the Heretic
  3. TheChubbyGamer

With a close 4th place of Spartan_889, who is also the recipient of the new non-Staff award for participation and contribution, being the top non-staff contributor on the forum by number of replies.

Thank you all for keeping things going on the forum.

Bonuses and New Leaderboard

  • Titan Shadow#1701 gets 2000 points (1000 for Wiki and 1000 for Forum 1st Place)
  • Red the 15th#2304 gets 1500 points (750 for Wiki and 750 for Forum 2nd Place)
  • Imperatoris Lacerta#8924 gets 1000 points (500 for Wiki and 500 for Forum 3rd Place)
  • Chaos Sorcerer Spartan889#7660 2000 points (1000 for Wiki and 1000 for Wiki Top non-staff Contributor)

New Leaderboard Direct from Tatsumaki

User Score
Imperatoris Lacerta 252032
Titan Shadow 233498
Red the 15th 192832
t0l 155285
ks 153304
The Chubby Gamer, Sloth Boi 144860
Dr. Winterdawn 99202
Thatotakugalaxy 88248
JumpingScript 83913
Buck Approves 79577

Some Notes about Contribution and Participation

While our overall forum participation has gone up as well as wiki contributions, it is still mostly staff doing the role playing. We do like this! However, we’d also like our non-staff members to participate more. Thus, I would like to encourage all Staff members to reach outside of the bubble of other Staff members to new players or even players that have not participated in a a while to see if they’d like to participate in role plays.

We have some superb role players here and everyone has something to contribute to the game. This is why we recently put out our participation survey. This survey is here to help us (me) determine how to better run the server. We’ve got some great responses so far, but there is a lot of talk in the comments about plot and people not feeling like they have anything to contribute or not sure what to do if they do participate.

This is entirely normal! Putting ones self in a position to participate in a plot without the defined structure of a dice-based or video-game-based system is difficult, there are a lot of options. Thus, I would like it if any player unsure what to do would ask, just simply ask for help. I realize that the group has gotten a bit… Well, a bit less-than-supportive as we’ve gotten a core group of role players but we’re working on changing that. I invite anyone who has been here a while but hasn’t played in a while to pop back in and if you’re not sure what you can do or contribute, just ask. If any issues crop up, don’t hesitate to bring them up!

The strength of our community relies on the simple idea that everyone can contribute something and have fun doing so. Not everyone has to get along perfectly, not everyone has to have the same political or religious views, not everyone even has to agree on what morning is. The goal here is to have fun writing stories where the world can turn out better than the one we live in. I personally think that is key to staying sane in the times we live in, where so much is up in the air.

Again, thank you all for your continued contributions and support.

Provisional Limits on Projectile Weapons

Provisionally, until I get more feedback on the subject, due to the outstanding question:

How fast should a projectile weapon be able to fire a slug?

I am implementing a hard-limit on how fast handheld or shoulder-mounted weapons can fire a projectile to 8,000 m/s (roughly Mach 23). This is a hard-limit for railguns and coilguns that use other means than those of conventional firearms (gunpowder or other explosives) which can be carried in the hand, shoulder-mounted, or otherwise used and carried by a single person. It was suggested by a player to have a railgun that can propel a round at just over 1% of the speed of light, which is clearly absurd. Since the escape velocity of Earth is a little over 11.1 km/s, I figure that if one fires their weapon and misses at STP (standard temperature and pressure), their bullet should not escape the confines of Earth’s gravity and go into orbit, or one should not be able to strike a vessel in orbit from the ground with a railgun one can carry.

Allowances are made for ship-mounted or ground facility weaponry that can have a higher power source, far more bulk, and potentially can propel a round faster.

Conventional Firearms

Conventional firearms of any design are limited by what is on hand, they are limited by a leeway of 25% increase from modern firearms for alternative explosive fuel sources and materials. Conventional firearms is defined here as being any firearm which propels a hunk of material using some force of explosive pressure or high pressure release. It is the opinion of the server admin that the human race has had a long time to perfect the production of handheld instruments of death using explosive charges to propel rounds, certain ballistic limitations of STP also exist that limit things.

At any rate, any conventional weapon is hard-limited to no faster than a 25% increase over the conventional weapon’s real-life firing speed. Such an increase also will have to be explained by some variation of describing why the fuel is different or shape of the round.


Rounds that approach the hard-limit will require explanation, what are they made of that they can withstand the force of air resistance at the velocity and should also have some note about their size and shape. One cannot just fire a blunt slug at those speeds, as it would become aerodynamically unstable very quickly, the round would also be subject to severe deformation due to heat from air resistance. Rounds traveling at speeds in excess of Mach 4.5 will also need to be aerodynamically designed in order to maintain flight stability. In terms of in-game explanations, it is not expected for players to have specific design specifications, but it is expected that a round is shaped with a small pointed nose and tapered back-end to allow for aerodynamic stability. Anything else would be aerodynamically unstable.

Grandfather Clause

While normally I extend a grandfather clause to new guidelines and rules, that is not the case here, and weapons currently in game which violate this rule will require special approval to keep.

Final Note

This is not a combat oriented game and it should be noted that the weapons used are used to further story – allow characters to have the opportunity for sufficiently “bad assed” moments but also sufficient risk during combat or other encounters. As such players should realize that while it is certainly canonical within a science fiction setting to have weapons that do massive amounts of damage, that actually makes play harder – the goal of play is to enjoy a situation which your character must fight to survive or overcome an obstacle, not insta-kill an enemy and celebrate a job well done.

This is the reason in canon Star Trek, during the Dominion War, they did not use the phasers to their full potential. Even though canon directly says that a single man with a hand phaser in the 23rd century (TOS) can annihilate thousands of infantry who are unprotected and during the course of TNG it is seen that phasers on a wide-beam setting can effectively incapacitate large numbers of people, it was because it worked well within the confines of those stories. The stories of the Dominion War would have lacked a level of personal risk among the characters to have things be that easy, rather than use that they told a different and far more relatable story of phasers used in the same line as conventional weapons with line-of sight restrictions. This was done to great emotional and dramatic impact, seeing the “horrors of war”, even though it is technically incorrect.

We strive to have challenges for characters to overcome that require effort and thought, situations that (without being horribly convoluted) force the characters to take risks, risks that make the end result more impactful to the players and audience of the gaming sessions.

Successful Writing Prompts

So far my foray into writing prompts has been successful, so we’re going to keep doing it. As such, I’ve created a new category on the site blog, Motus Impulsores, which is Latin for “Sources of Inspiration” (at least according to Google Translate). Most everyone here has had substantial improvement in their writing and I’m so happy to see that taking place. Moving forward, this category is going to be used for when we’ve got news or other such information relating to writing and role playing as a method of collaboration.

I’m enjoying seeing what everyone comes up with and I look forward to seeing where the community goes moving forward.

Thank you all.

Twitter Lockout

So, when changing the information for the site’s twitter account, I put the birth date of the server in as the account birth date. This locked the account, so I have it petitioned to re-open the account hoping that they will realize it is an entity / site not a person.

Our FB page has changed. to reflect our site name properly @moltenaether.