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Mike-037 Fit for Command?

The release of the Spartan documents, which detail atrocities commited by the Spartan’s calls into serious question the position of Lt. Commander Mike-037, currenly the XO of Nimbus Station here on Soteria. The documents detail the chilling activities of the group and the attempted coverup by their own military.

The public response to this information has been quick and fierce, calling for the civilian government to revoke the comission of Mike-037 in order to preserve the security of future operation. This is the first time the fledgling civilian government has been asked to override the direct appointments of Solas Tempus command, particularly Fleet Admiral Lance Thomas and Admiral Sal D’Amico who cleared Mike-037 for duty and approved the appointment to become Executive Officer of Nimbus Station.

Borg Captive Sighted?

Unconfirmed reports say that the Borg captive has been interviewed by Admiral D’Amico himself. The details of the conversation are unknown, though repeated requests for more information have been filed with the civilian government following a refusal to comment by Solas Tempus itself. The Serenity Concord has also declined to comment except for a press release stating that they are reviewing the potential issues associated with the continued captivity of a Borg drone.

Icarus League Fighting Again

The Icarus League is again filing legal suit. The recent decision that certain “droids” aboard some of the spliced in vessels qualify for rights under the ALFRE (Artificial Life Forms Rights and Enforcement Act) has sparked the group to begin the legal battle to get all such beings classified as autonomous and given rights under the law. Thus far the New Hope and the Cabur have both complied with requests by the Turing Agency to interview and otherwise assess their droids to determine their status but it is unclear how the Captains of those vessels would feel about their entire stock of droids being given the same rights as the human crew. Currently the group has simply filed requesting the court to invoke the ALFRE Act and simply declare the droids a race unto themselves of artificial beings on the merits of past discoveries made. Both the Cabur and the New Home have had roughly the same percentage of the droids on board declared to be sentient. This method is the most expedient but it is unlikely the court will summarily grant such a status itself and instead issue an order for the Turing Agency to make a more detailed analysis. Since the agency is so young it is unclear at this time what qualifications are in place already to determine if a group of artificial beings such as the droids constitutes a race.

Fan Groups Organize

On the lighter side, several groups in favor of Solas Tempus have begun to organize themselves, specifically in order to create a convention. It is unknown when this might occur but a growing movement of people see many of the key and best-known figures of Solas Tempus as sort-of icons and a subculture on Nimbus has started to develop and is gaining speed. Reporters have encountered fans of the organization before and often interviewed such people for their opinions about Solas Tempus’s activities, however in recent weeks such fans and advocate have begun to group together. In particularly interesting advent is that habit of some people to dress up as or similar to key figures in the organization. Already prior to the release of the AI known as Leo from his holographic isolation some of the members of the Icarus League were sighted dressing up or otherwise giving themselves a similar look to how Leo has been seen in the past.

Currently there are sightings of people dressing up as Captain Drem Confoscho, Admiral Lance Thomas, Captain Aytise Alshat, and even the infamous Tal Ravis has gained a significant following. An interesting aside, the current questions against the station XO, Mike-037, has only intensified the support of some civilians fans who have been extremely vocal on a wide variety of potential explinations, including that he is not responcible for what others have done but also going so far as to say it is a Federation plot to keep such a skilled person from continuing in such a critical position. This movement is quickly gaining speed and many see it as people having a good time after spending months trapped alone with an unsure future, though military sources have declined to comment on such activity.

Akron Mystery Intensifies

Solas Tempus released documents recently which reflect a mysterous encounter with a derelict vessel, the USS Akron, the boarding party encountered resistance from unknown parties and Solas Tempus has been tight lipped about its possible connection the computer system anomalies and system failures which occured after the boarding party returned to Nimbus. It was noted, however, that derelect vessel was able to follow us through the wormhole intact and is currently in the Schatten System, though the exact location has yet to be disclosed. Further details are not forthcoming and have been classified by Solas Tempus.

It has also been confirmed that at least one person is missing since the boarding party to the Akron, that of Flask, who worked on board the USS Drakon and is noted as being a valuable member of the crew. His exact location is unknown at this time, while the official statement is that he is on an a classified mission under direct orders of Admiral Sal D’Amico there are uncomfirmed rumors that he was left on board the Akron for some unknown reason. As a final note, an area near the asteroid belt close to Schatten II has been cordoned off and has been declared a no-fly zone, reasons could be related to the Akron but Solas Tempus has not responded to request for comments.

Tal Ravis – Improper Conduct?

Accusations surrounding the now infamous, Tal Ravis. His name is most recently known for the daring rescue of Fleet Admiral Lance Thomas but also of the far more infamous role in the destruction of not only an aggressive force attacking installations here in the Schatten System, but also over half of the Umbral Shipyards, which caused the appearance of the Umbral Rift. Sources inside the security forces for Solas Tempus have revealed that there are accusations of misconduct relating to a peculiar new arrival, which has caused some serious concern. This new arrival is reportedly very young and could be involved in an improper relationship with Mr. Ravis. While details on exactly what kind of relationship may be suspected are confused, it is documented that the new arirval has been seen calling him Master on numerous occasion and is prone to appearing in public in scant clothing. Admiral D’Amico’s office has declined to comment and Solas Tempus Security has similarly said that they are unable to confirm or deny whether Mr. Ravis is currently under investigation or not.

Disturbing Documents Released

New documents have surfeced from an unknown source which detail the programs which trained the Executive Officer of Nimbus Station, Lt. Commander Mike-037. The documents tell the story children being abducted and replaced by clones and then trained for military service starting as young as age 6. Detailed in the documents are reports of children being not only educated in general terms but conditioned for combat. At age 14 the children are left in the forest as a final test, upon rendezvous with each other they are promoted to Chief Petty Officer.

While so far this is not an uncommon practice among militaries in our own universe, the documents released then detail the augmentation of the young teens over a period of 4 years where some 40 of the original 70 children die or become too disabled to continue. Following this the remaining 30 “Spartans” are put into what appears to be standard military training routines. They finally see combat later and are extensively successful.

At the same time the political machinery behind the program promotes the idea that “Spartan’s Never Die”, this is done through a variety of ways but most notably, none are listed as dead, simply Missing in Action. Later, a reporter native to that universe is killed when attempting to inform the publica bout the truth to the program. This is done to cover up the fact that the Spartan’s commited war crimes, mass killings and slaughtering of civilians. The detailed atrocities are extensive and paint the image of a monsterous group of people who have dangerous propensity for extreme violence.

OOC: A link to the original data is provided. Ask Mike for Details.

Borg Prisoner?

On condition of anomyniity, sources within Solas Tempus Security have confirmed that a Borg is being held. The Borg has reportedly been severed from the collective. It is unknown the purpose for the continued incarceration of the Borg, security chief Angelos has been unavailable for comment thus far. This raises serious questions for the continued security of the station.


  • A new vessel, the Severed Grace appeared and created a tense situation temporarily where it was possible the vessel may turn hostile. Someone from the same universe, Orn’VaOrnomai, was able to diffuse the situation shortly after the vessel’s arrival.
  • John Angelos and Itza were married on May 13th, 2385 not long after returning to the Schatten System.
  • A new vessel has appeared through a Splice, the Irvyn, which appears to be some form of ironclad flying vessel and is currently docked with Nimbus via the ocean docks. It’s Captain Clancy spliced in separately.
  • The head of Solas Tempus, Fleet Admiral Lance Thomas, and Captain Drem Confoscho of the USS Drakon have announced their impending marriage, though a specific date has not been set.